Derek & Meredith's Marriage is Sinking Quickly on 'Grey's Anatomy' & It's Kind of His Fault

Ordinarily McDreamy is the good guy. Always patient, he even gave up his job with the President to stay in Seattle because his wife wanted to stay. But on Grey's Anatomy, Derek said some mean things to Meredith and about her, including a moment when he compared her to Ellis Grey. "You sound just like your mother!" he shouted during another MerDer fight. Ouch. It was a comment that was way below the belt so I was kind of glad when Meredith called him out on it. "You wanted to hurt me and you did that," she spat. "You could do worse than compare me to a brilliant surgeon, but you meant it in the sense that I am cold and ambitious and selfish. A horrible wife and mother."

Derek apologized, but the comment and their ensuing fight about it just furthered the divide between the couple and it seems that their marital issues won't be solved any time soon. Later when Derek learned that Maggie was Meredith's sister, he made another harsh comment about his wife saying, "Meredith isn't good with sisters, but I am." Okay Derek. I seem to recall that Meredith and her half-sister Lexie had a pretty good relationship at the end there. Meanwhile Derek and his sister can hardly work in the same operating room.

I understand that Derek is mad that Meredith isn't more thrilled with his decision to take one for the team and not move. But Meredith is right; she didn't ask him to do that, and didn't want him to do that. She doesn't need to be the source of his resentment or disappointment.

I want Meredith and Derek to work things out, but that seems a long way off. Even after Derek offered a truce so Meredith could share her feelings on her new sister, the only person Meredith reconciled with was Maggie. She told Derek about the summer her mom had the baby and then she went to find Maggie to give her some of her mom's old journals. There may have been a nice sister makeup, but there was no warm and fuzzy MerDer reunion. How could there be with all the things Derek said to her?

Honestly, I don't blame Meredith for being mad at Derek. He's punishing her for a decision he made, and he's being pretty rude about it. He knew how horrible she would feel being compared to her mother, yet he said it any way. Derek better find a way to get that job back, or get over it. Otherwise his attitude could ultimately cost him his marriage.

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