She Is Definitely Involved Somehow

Whether you were skeptical of Paris Geller —erm, Bonnie Winterbottom — on How To Get Away With Murder from the first longing look she gave to Annalise's husband, Sam, or her icy exterior to the interns (so Paris, BTW), it has always felt like she was up to something. But in Thursday's episode, things got a little more intriguing with Bonnie when she was seen following Detective Nate (or was she following Sam Keating?) as he broke into Sam's car. It seems like Bonnie would do anything for Annalise, but why is she following her lover(s)?

Well, there are a few theories that can explain why Bonnie is following Nate or Sam (or both), and some of them could explain who killed Lila, or maybe who killed Sam. Here are some thoughts as to how Bonnie is involved in one, if not both, of the murders on HTGAWM.

Bonnie Is In Love With Sam

This, obviously, isn't going to fly with Annalise. Remember when Sam appeared at Annalise's office and Bonnie had that long, lingering look at Sam that seemed backed with some type of sexual tension? This could explain why she is following Sam; she is — to use the words Wedding Crashers — a stage five clinger, and could be obsessed with Sam, following him and watching his every move. It might be a little extreme, but this show doesn't scream subtle.

She Thinks Sam Is Involved With Lila's Murder

She's one smart, observant cookie, so she isn't blind to Sam's sketchy behavior. Perhaps Bonnie is going rogue and trying to figure out if Sam is involved with Lila's murder. If my boss were Annalise, I'd want to be 1 million percent sure that I was right if I had to go to her and tell her that her husband was a potential murderer.

She Becomes Involved With Sam's Murder

I'm thinking Bonnie is involved in the cover-up. It seems too obvious that one of the law students is actually involved with Sam's murder, so I could see us getting a huge WTF moment at the end of the season when it is revealed that Bonnie had something to do with Sam's death.

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