Mark Frost's 'Twin Peaks' Book To Fill In The 25-Year Gap, And We Have Questions That Must Be Answered

The good news keeps coming this month. Earlier, we found out there would be a revival of Twin Peaks, the 25-year-old cult classic, to absolutely overwhelm with excitement the existing fans and pull in a few more from later generations. Before Showtime's TV release, however, co-creator of the original series Mark Frost will publish a novel called The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks , which will fill in the time gap between the two shows. The novel will be published by Flatiron Books in late 2015. This gives you all plenty of time to Netflix binge the two seasons of the show. No excuses.

It's like Frost has been taking a peek into thirtysomethings' dream boards, plastered with cut-outs of Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Twin Peaks is not a series easily explained in a few sentences, but simply put: Laura Palmer has been found murdered in the small town of (you guessed it) Twin Peaks, and an idiosyncratic, to say the least, cherry-pie-loving FBI agent comes to investigate, getting all wrapped up with the strange residents. And I do mean strange.

This also isn't the first time the show has done a spin-off book. In fact, the show was doing accompanying novellas and novels before YA made them cool. The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks will be the fourth novel set in this universe.

Co-creator with Frost, David Lynch is notorious for his surrealist, often mystifying works of television and movies — have you seen Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive? — so of course there are lingering questions from the original series we hope to see answered in this book. But don't answer them all, Frost and Lynch, as it's always been a show that leaves some to the imagination. The scary, twisted imagination.

There are loads of overall questions, like how owls, and the convenience store, and the Black Lodge all interconnect, but these five questions are some specific ones we need to see addressed.

There are spoilers ahead, so get yourself to a Netflix screen beforehand if you don't want to know plot details. And if you read ahead anyway, this is all going to sound really, really weird.

1. First and foremost: Is Dale Cooper OK? What happened?

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This gut-wrenching and terrifying cliffhanger of Season 2 has yet to be resolved. In the finale, he was possessed by Killer BOB, and his “good” doppelgänger was trapped in the Black Lodge. Fans of Cooper (read: everyone ever) just want to make sure that the FBI agent we love is well.

2. About Annie....

The cliffhanger also has Cooper repeating the phrase “How’s Annie?” So, well, how is Annie? We learn in the finale that after a whole confusing bunch of stuff with the Man from Another Place and disappearing into the woods, that Annie is in the hospital, but she’s OK. But, as with anything here, we can’t trust that.

In Fire Walk With Me, the movie prequel, this hospitalization seems to be confirmed after she escaped from the Black Lodge. But what now? And will Heather Graham resume the role in the TV series?

3. Is Josie Really Trapped In The Drawer?

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Or, to be more specific, the wooden drawer knob? Many fans think that cold-blooded Josie got what she deserved after shooting Cooper, lying, and basically trying to shoot a bunch of other men in her life. Her future was predicted by the Log Lady, but really… a drawer knob? Is this the last we’ll see of her or the Log Lady?

4. Is (Say It Ain't So) Audrey Dead?

In an act of civil disobedience, Audrey chains herself to a bank vault door, which then explodes. The series leaves her hanging between life and death, but this troublemaker-turned-activist absolutely has to come back for the novel and the series.

5. Did Lynch and Frost Plan It This Way All Along?

OK, so this doesn’t have to be answered in the book, but it must be answered. I am definitively on the side of YES. Take a look at this scene from the finale when Laura Palmer predicts the Twin Peaks revival, exactly now:

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Mind. Blown. Has this been an elaborate set-up all along, with the stories and the cast already lined up? Laura sure thinks so, and she told Cooper as much. So as if we didn't already know it, we may be in the hands of true geniuses, and this was just the way it was supposed to be all along. I really, really wouldn't put it past them.

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