These Are The Real Steps To Being A Lord

OK, of all of the non-Kardashians on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott Disick — or should I say Lord Scott Disick — is my absolute favorite. I still laugh to myself every time I think of, "Auntie Kris? It's me, Todd Kraines." So, you can obviously imagine that I'm wildly excited for Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons to premiere on Nov. 2 because we all need more Scott Disick in our lives. On Tuesday, E! Online posted "Scott Disick's 6 Steps to Living Like a Lord" and, even though I love Scott, I couldn't help but notice how many important (and EASY) steps he'd forgotten. I expect better from you after all of these years, Lord Disick.

The video includes some important steps, I suppose, like becoming royalty in the first place. But aside from that pivotal step in the process, Scott just includes trivial steps that really don't showcase any of his great, lordly moments on KUWTK in the past. I mean, how could "being sexy" and "dressing fabulously" be more important than the most royal of gestures (pinky up) and making sure everyone around you know exactly what your title is?

With that being said, while E!'s video makes it seem ridiculously easy to live like royalty, Scott seems to have forgotten these 7 important steps to being convincingly royal.

Make Sure Everyone Knows Your Status

Becoming royalty is great, but if no one knows that you're royal, what's the point?

Acknowledge Your Lady

Every Lord needs a Lady, after all.

Use The Word "Peasants" Whenever Possible

Honestly, Scott, how could you forget this rule?

But Always Be Polite

You're royalty. It's unseemly to be rude, even to peasants.

Don't Let Anyone Tell You How To Live Your Life

You are the Lord, not them. You are the ruler of your life, own it.

Pinkies Up

This is, like, the number one way to establish your status as royalty.

Have Marketable Skills

Images: Giphy (4); adriannaxoxomeow, fuckyeahdash/Tumblr