Utah National Guard Lets Bikini Models Film Sexy Photo Shoot On Military Base & And No One's Happy About It

Back in June, a group of British bikini models somehow made their way onto Camp Williams, a Utah National Guard site, where they proceeded to shoot their bikini calendar while riding in tanks and firing off machine guns. Now, the National Guard is wondering how the women got onto the military training site in the first place. A day after the "behind the scenes" video of the Hot Shots Calendar shoot was posted on YouTube, the Utah National Guard launched an investigation into the British bikini models and the service members they hung out with. As it turns out, none of this was supposed to happen.

Posted online on Thursday, the five-minute-long Hot Shots video shows the British bikini models shooting load rifles and machine guns, hanging out in bunkers, riding in heavy artillery tanks and off-roading in military vehicles — all the while posing in skimpy, camo-themed bikini bottoms and crop tops. There's also an inexplicable segment with plastic, neon, presumably non-military water guns.

Hot Shots put out salacious bikini calendars every year, so seeing bikini models posing suggestively with rifles and military gear is not necessarily out of the ordinary (though "sexy military shoots" are always a bit disconcerting). What's most befuddling about the video are the presumed service members who joining the women in their shoot 'em up antics.

All of this confused the Utah National Guard and the Utah Department of Public Safety, both of which launched their own investigations after finding out about the video on Friday. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the Utah National Guard probe has already revealed that a non-commissioned officer with the 19th Special Forces Group let the bikini models onto the training site — without authorization. "He should have moved it up the chain of command," a Utah National Guard spokesperson told the news source.

The Utah National Guard added that no military weapons or ammunition were used during the photography and video shoot, so that's a relief. Still, the Utah National Guard wasn't too happy about the shoot, saying it didn't fall in line with their "values." The guard released this statement on Friday:

Productions of this kind are not in keeping with the values of the Utah National Guard nor its members.

Use of military equipment, facilities, and personnel in civilian for-profit endeavors such as this requires approval of National Guard Bureau Public Affairs through the respective state National Guard Headquarters. There was no official approval for this project. The investigation will determine if Utah National Guard equipment, facilities, and personnel were used in the Hot Shots 2015 calendar production and required actions if this is the case.

Hot Shots Calendar on YouTube

But who are those men shooting guns with the women? According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, they're members of the state's SWAT Team.

So far, the department has identified two of its officers in the video, supervising the models as they test out rifles at The Big Shot Ranch, a private shooting ranch. It's still unclear whether or not these officers were on-duty at the time of the filming. "The bottom line is if you’re wearing the uniform, you’re representing the department," a Utah Department of Public Safety spokesperson told The Salt Lake Tribune.

And representing your department at a sexy, military-themed photo shoot is probably not what the Utah Department of Public Safety — or National Guard — had in mind.Images: screenshots/Hot Shots YouTube