Her Sentencing Drew Mixed 'RHONJ' Reactions

The Season 6 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey opened with some familiar legal news from early Oct. 2014, when the Giudices found out that they were going to jail. But now, we get to see what the rest of the Housewives thought about the news that Teresa and Joe Giudice were found guilty of fraud. Now that we know the extent of the punishment — both Teresa and Joe will serve time, though not simultaneously — we heard from the other Housewives outside of social media, where everything has the sheen of insincerity. This was their very raw, very emotional reactions. Teresa and Joe seem just as shell-shocked on RHONJ as they have on Watch What Happens Live and everywhere else they've been asked about the situation.

Everyone else's reactions ranged from sweet to unmoved. Dina seemed far more focused on her event than on anything else, and didn't appear in the "flash-forward" portion of the evening. Melissa and Teresa let their daughters play together for the whole episode, and it seems like the worst is finally over between those two. While they'll never be best friends, Teresa is civil and Melissa doesn't seem quite as terrified that her sister-in-law is going to flip a table onto her.

Jacqueline and Kathy have been supportive of Teresa for this entire season. Even though the Giudices have been pretty cold to both of them and their families, they've been surprisingly positive and sweet all year. Maybe it's just the limited screen time, but both women and their husbands seemed very moved to tears and ready to do anything for the Giudice family that's needed, be it taking care of the kids or just sending a long and supportive text to Teresa and Joe.

But things are very, very different when you get into the new cast members. Nicole and Teresa Aprea consider jail time a suitable punishment for the crime of "knowing Victoria Gotti and repeating something she said that one time" (not a quote, but an accurate summation of what they seem to be mad at her about). In the actual words of Teresa Aprea, "Karma's a bitch." A bitch who cares more about petty interpersonal conflicts than stealing money, I guess? Jim Marchese seemed equally unmoved, though Amber said she preferred having cancer to getting taken away from her kids.

But even though the news was bad, Teresa still showed up to Dina's Project Ladybug charity event (and, in other bug related news, dealt with ants in her family room — so gross). And she'll be sitting down for a three part reunion ready to talk about all of this again. I'll say this — the woman may be less than scrupulous about her finances, but she'll be damned if she skimps out on her Bravo contract and cheats them out of even a second of reality TV drama.

Images: Giphy; Bravo