Sarah Michelle Gellar's New Lob Is Easy To Copy

The lob is having a serious celeb moment. The "lob," which is a long bob and is often defined by textured, piecey, and long but shaggy layers, has showed up on the heads of stylish celebs like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Kate Mara, Emma Roberts, and Kaley Cuoco, among others as of late. Now adorbs actress formally known as Buffy, who made a different set of waves earlier this year by threatening to cancel her Vogue subscription due to the Kimye cover, has one! Yep — Sarah Michelle Gellar got a bob.

It looks awesome on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cruel Intentions actress, who is a mother of two. It's an easy, wash-and-go look that doesn't sacrifice one inch of style. And guess what? You can totally copy her lob without going anywhere near scissors. That means you can enjoy a versatile look without having to commit.

SMG thanked two people in her caption for talking her into getting this cut. She definitely owes them a further debt of thanks or at least a swanky dinner since the result is so flattering. With her darker roots and buttery blonde strands, the cut is delightfully disheveled. It's also super effortless, so she can rake some texturizing product through her strands, shake it "out" while blasting T. Swizzle's "Shake it Off" and be done with it.

See Gellar's lovely lob below!

And how about you copying this look without having to commit to going shorter? You can try it out and see if you like it with this nifty little hair accessory sold at Claire's.

It's called the InstaBob and it's a Scrunchie-like tool that helps you fake a bob. Stop right there. Don't cringe at the thought of the quintessential '90s hair band known as the Scrunchie. This stretchy band with clips is meant to be concealed in your hair while making it look shorter.

This instant bob creator is only available on the Claire's U.K. site, but I have seen it in local Claire's outposts as recently as last week, so you may have to dig before you decide to order internationally.

But how amaze is it that you can get a lob without having to lock yourself into it? You can change your style up daily and go shorter whenever you feel like it or you can simply test drive it before deciding to get legit and let your stylist get busy with her scissors and give you this cut for real.

Image: Claire's