Why Her BaubleBar Collection Is Extra Special

BaubleBar has hit quite a few home runs this fall. In September, it teamed up with Emma Roberts to create her own jewelry collection. Now, it's ready to fight a new battle. Megan Runser — a BaubleBar fan diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma — is launching her own collection to reflect her personal style and desire to fight the disease.

According to a press release from the brand, BaubleBar cofounders Amy and Daniella met Megan five months ago and were immediately inspired by her sense of humor and love of color. After learning that she’s always wanted to create her own jewelry line, they put her to work as their “Guest Bartender” — a program that lets contributors curate their own line of baubles. They’ve team up to create “As Good As Gold,” a collection that embodies her spirit to fight lymphoma and regain her health. The line features 17 gold and colorful pieces, including a gold lion cuff, blue and purple statement necklace, and “As Good As Gold” bracelets.

Best of all? All of the proceeds from Megan’s collection will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma society! Jewelry lovers can also help the cause on social media. BaubleBar will also donate $1 for every tweet that uses #AsGoodAsGold.

The line comes out October 21 — just in time for all of us to stock up on jewelry for the holidays. Here are a few of my favorite gems from the collaboration.

It’s nothing new for brands to team up with charities to help a good cause. But BaubleBar put the face of one of its shoppers to the disease, which shows how anyone can be diagnosed with cancer. The “As Good As Gold” line — with the tagline featured on one of the bracelets — is an important reminder about Lymphoma and a great way to raise awareness about the disease.

A line that lets us rock a statement necklace and donate to a great cause? Yeah, I'm in.

Images: BaubleBar (4)