Did She Get A Septum Piercing?

Unconventional piercings (i.e. not in your earlobes) are having a moment. This summer, Rihanna debuted what turned out to be a fake septum piercing, causing us all to sit up and pay attention to the edgy, unusual look. And she may have started a bit of a trend because now Shay Mitchell might have a septum piercing too! Great and stylish minds think alike.

The Pretty Little Liars star posted a couple of photos to her Instagram account on Monday that seem to clearly show a little silver ring straddling the bridge of her nostrils. She looks pretty killer with a nose piercing, which isn't exactly a surprise since she's gorgeous. I'd love to see her rock the septum ring on the regular, but so far all evidence points to it being a fake. These are the only pictures showing Mitchell with the jewelry, so unless she got pierced over the weekend this is probably a clip on.

And why shouldn't she embrace fake piercings? She gets all the cred without any of the pain! It's a win-win situation (and happens to be exactly why I wear insane ear cuffs on the regular). Falsies are extremely convincing these days — and easy to DIY using everything from glue-on rhinestones to wire. If you're un-crafty, Etsy has an amazing (and cheap) selection as well.

If Shay Mitchell's septum piercing is real, well, more power to her! Take a look below and decide for yourself.