This Little Clutch Has a High-Tech Secret

Have you ever tapped your debit or credit card instead of swiping to pay at a checkout counter? If so, you've used Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID for short). It may be convenient, but RFID puts you at a greater risk for identity theft, opening up a ton of new avenues by which criminals can steal your information. But what if a purse could change all that? Articulate's clutches aim to protect wearers from identity theft by blocking RFID. Thanks to Kickstarter, these RFID-blocking handbags could soon become a reality.

Confused? Here's how it works: RFID capabilities leave your credit and debit cards and even your Passport vulnerable to "electronic pickpocketing," wherein someone can steal your information by simply placing a concealed scanner near your wallet. In short, you can have your identity stolen without even taking your credit card out of your bag. Scary, right? Articulate seeks to prevent just that with a special protective material hidden in the fabric of their clutches. This material "helps block the signal that new credit card and debit cards can send off," making the wearer less susceptible to theft.

In addition to the protective materials, the clutch is also designed for ease of use, featuring all sorts of pockets to hold your cash, phone, and cards in ways that make actually make sense. A purse that acts as a giant wallet? Sign me up!

These high-tech accessories are designed to go with everything and come in blue, aqua blue, yellow, red, black and beige. Customers can choose between a metal chain or a matching leather cross-body strap, or opt to wear the purse as a wristlet. The Kickstarter donations have already surpassed the funding goal of $10,000, but you can still preorder a clutch for the discounted price of $35 until November 22nd. Once the bags go into production they'll be on sale for $42. I think that's a low price compared to the headache of identity theft.

Images: Articulate(2)