Alexander Wang's First Bag for Balenciaga "Le Dix" Marks a Return to Timelessness

Forget the iPad and the wedge sneaker. Alexander Wang's first bag for Balenciaga is so classic, so perfectly proportioned, and so Grace Kelly circa 2013 that it promises to be the It accessory of our entire generation.

The bag- is termed "Le Dix," which is French for "The Ten" — a play on "perfect 10," perhaps? It's made from understated matte leather with minimal accessorizing (yes, even accessories can accessorize) and a clean shape. Like all good classics, the bag is timeless without being at all musty. There's something about the square front that reminds us of — dare we say it? — a MacBook.

At a pricey $1,945-$2,250, it might not be in many of our autumn budgets, but hey, at least it's cheaper than the It bag of our parents' generation: the legendary Hermès Birkin.

As fall approaches, and we start to get serious about, well, being grown-ups, this bag would be the perfect complement to studious afternoons at the coffee shop and late-night library runs. Balenciaga's website describes it as having a "vintage lady bag spirit," and we couldn't agree more. Oh, and if you snag the larger version of Le Dix, you can get the handbag's mirror engraved with a message of your choice.

Might we suggest something like, "Dear self, you're welcome"?