Franco Goes on Instagram Rampage during Roast

Reactions to Sunday night's Comedy Central's Roast of James Franco have been all over the Internet for the past 12 hours, but here's a new one: James Franco liked my Instagram photo last night.

While the previously recorded jibes at Franco's sexuality, his squinty eyes, and Aziz Ansari's ethnicity aired, Franco was "liking" hundreds Instagram photos of fan girls and boys posted of themselves watching the show. Fortunately for me and much to the envy of my friends and followers, I was one of the hundreds who got some Franco love.

Shortly after the Roast began, Instagram users started posting screenshots of their televisions tuned into the show, and that's when Franco's liking-spree started. The actor also posted a series of short videos, the first saying that if you took a photo of yourself watching the show, tagged him, and added the hashtag "#francoroast" in the post, he would like your picture. And he did not disappoint. The hashtag currently has over 10,000 photos attached to it on the social networking site.

If his graceful and adorable reception of every joke at his expense last night wasn't enough to convince you that you want to be his friend, you now know that he spends as much time on Instagram as you do!

Here's proof of my Franco fan girl moment. First, the photo I shared:

And boom: he liked it. He really liked it.

Francophiles for life!