Turns Out, Eggplant Juice Is Great For Your Skin

Eggplants became a staple in my life when I made the decision to commit to a vegetarian diet. At 10 years old, my parents were still suspicious of my cooking skills and were definitely not trying to let me anywhere near an open flame. Mamma J was up on her vegetable game and knew eggplants would keep my hair and skin beautiful and my body healthy. Throughout the yearm we ate home cooked eggplant stews, eggplant parmesan, eggplant steaks, and eggplant lasagna — the entire family suffered from her eggplant craze and my new dietary choice. With all that eggplant experience, I'm surprised I only just started using eggplant juice for my hair and skin.

If you ask me today, I will tell you I hate eggplant. When I'm interested in any medley of vegetables at a restaurant — after I've annoyed and/or terrified my server by telling them that I WILL die if I eat peanuts — I ask innocently: Does that have eggplant in it? My over-consumption of eggplant in my teens has me picking lots of eggplant out of a delicious risotto as an adult and making a childish fuss over a delicious vegetable. But at least I still use it in my beauty routine, right?

Here's the thing: Eggplants are known as a healthy food. With a high content of vitamin C, they contain phyto nutrients that are essential for blood circulation and brain activity. Trust me, eggplant is THE vegetable you want bring on any deserted island scenario; the fiber, iron, and minerals are exactly what the human body needs for survival. Including eggplant in your diet will definitely up your chances at flawless, smooth skin. So, obviously, you should also put it on your face. Applying eggplant juice directly on your face and hair can give you some added beauty points in the comfort of your own home.

Eggplants have been referred to as the "King of the Vegetables" — even though it is technically a vine fruit. Eggplant juice is antibacterial, antiviral, and contains those coveted antioxidants that are vital for timeless, toned skin. According to Health Me Up's website, eggplants naturally decrease the development of skin cancer. This is one of the many reasons why eggplants are the most popular natural remedy for removing freckles, moles, and hyper-pigmentation.

Often, my home remedies can be intense and involved — I'll be the first to admit that making your own mango butter is a friggin' nightmare! The eggplant recipes below are going to be super easy and way more affordable than OTC treatments because they only include one ingredient. For just $2, you can make all of these recipes and have a snack that your body will thank you for.

Remember, when smearing food on your face you'll want to buy organic, especially since the vitamins and nutrients tend to be on the skin of a fruits and veggies. You certainly don't want to be smearing pesticides all up on you.

Eggplant Juice Toner

Frown lines got you down? Crows feet have you flying into a rage? Juice an eggplant and apply to clean, make-up free skin. This works best in the AM if you are a regular make-up wearer. You can juice the entire eggplant at once and add a smidge of witch hazel to keep your new toner fresh, but you'll still need to keep this juice in the fridge. A truly great toner has a high water content — and so do eggplants.

Eggplant Hair Rinse

Recently, I decided that I was using too much shampoo. Of course, a weekly natural hair rinse is in order between washes and I couldn't be more pleased with the results of eggplant. This rinse comes without chemicals AND without a horrible scent. (Sorry, apple cider vinegar hair rinse users, I just don't believe my hair DOESN'T smell like a salad when I use your method.)

Eggplant juice will restore hair moisture, softening brittle locks while planting healthy minerals in your hair. Of course, this will be a semi-dying hair rinse for those with light colored hair. I love the fact that the eggplant juice seems to bring out red undertones that naturally occur in my 'fro while replenishing my scalp. Don't be scurred to add a lil sage to your new hair rinse — you'll get SERIOUS hair benefits.

Eggplant Spot Remover

Real talk: I don't have freckles, but according to Stylecraze, Livestrong, and many of my freckled pals out there, rubbing a slice of eggplant on a clean face can lighten the appearance of freckles and in some instances remove them. Personally, I think freckles are adorable, but if you've got a freckle, mole, or hyper-pigmentation beauty woe, this will be your jam. Since we already know that eggplants are known to prevent skin cancer, and those freckles and moles are more susceptible to skin cancer, this is going to be a natural remedy you can't afford NOT to try.

Image: Green Mountain Girls Farm, Alice Henneman, Valarie van de flier, Aayesha Siddiqui/Flickr; Giphy; Kristin Collins Jackson