25 Things SDSU Aztecs Understand

I'm a proud Aztec for life. Though I only attended San Diego State University for two years to get my degree in journalism, the school has stayed with me. Because two years was plenty of time to know that I will always have a family and a home in SDSU.

SDSU is famous for its gorgeous students, its perfect weather, and its amazing campus. We also boast one of the fastest-rising men’s basketball teams in the country; with, of course, gorgeous cheerleaders, and an even more gorgeous mascot. Not to mention, we have the most flattering school colors of just about anywhere. (You can never go bad with red and black.)

People may imagine that California universities are just party schools filled with surfers and hippies, but in truth, we’re a lot more than that. We’ve pioneered some amazing programs and turned out celebrities, congressional leaders, and world-famous athletes alike.

SDSU is one of those schools that’s just impossible to forget. If you went to SDSU, or are lucky enough to be there now, you know what I'm talking about. Because there are some things only Aztecs For Life can truly understand. Things like...

You know it's San Diego State or SDSU — not San Diego State University

While the official name is San Diego State University, anyone worth his or her salt knows to call it SDSU or San Diego State. Or the most beautiful school on the planet. Whatever you prefer.

and that We Have One of the Most Photogenic Campuses Out There

Don't hate us because we're beautiful.

(don’t forget about the awesome sundial)

Or the nonstop sunshine.

I mean, it was good enough for veronica mars

Guess where Veronica Mars went to college? SDSU, of course! Or at least, it was filmed here. That’s because she knew where the most beautiful people in Neptune would go for their higher education.

Class is Cancelled? Let’s Go To the Beach

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

How many universities are within driving distance from some of the country’s most gorgeous beaches? Any day of the week you can see Jeeps parked on campus with surfboards in the backseat, ready to catch a wave after the last class of the day.

or mexico

or how about disneyland?

My personal favorite day trip.

Can’t Leave Campus? good thing We’ve Got plenty of Pools

The Aztec Recreation Center is an amazing athletic facility, with paddleboard courses, lots of yoga classes, and even a rock climbing wall. But the best part? Across campus near the practice fields are three gorgeous pools, including a waist-deep one just for lounging around.

yes, for you, bad weather is a light drizzle

...better bring my umbrella and galoshes.

and you know the End-of-Semester Wardrobe well

During the first few months of every semester, you’ll see gorgeous people in shorts, tank tops, and cute sundresses. But by the time finals come around, bring on the sweats, Uggs ,and more sweats. Hey, we can’t study and primp at the same time.

You know your neighborhood here says everything about you

Are you a hippie? A surfer? A hipster? A post-hippie hipster who likes surfing too? There’s a place for you in San Diego! And where you live means everything.

....Just don’t live in Chula Vista

The rent may be cheaper, but just don’t.

but no matter where you live, you're All About the Hoops, ‘Bout the Hoops

SDSU is a rising star in men’s basketball. We reached the Sweet 16 in the 2010-2011 season, and it’s only gotten better from there. Our graduates are even making history with the NBA! Last year’s finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, was an Aztec.

because Our Fans Put on ‘The Show,’ And It’s Amazing

SDSU has some of the most energetic fans out there, and it’s called The Show. We cheer on the Aztecs like nobody else.

plus, who doesn't look great in red and black?

Nobody, that’s who!

you always Believe That We Will Win

You know that popular slogan from the World Cup? Yeah, we had it first. It was our soundtrack back in 2011 for the men’s basketball team. In fact, SDSU is fighting to trademark the slogan right now. And don’t listen to Utah State when they say they had it before us. We did it better.

but Don’t Talk To Us About BYU

Just don’t. It’s not funny.

beyond sports, you have even more reasons to be proud

San Diego State was the second university in the United States to have an LGBT Studies major, and the first in California. It’s one of a handful of schools to also have a graduate program in LGBT studies. How’s that for teaching the future?

like, Pitch Perfect Has Nothing On Us

Acapella is a pretty big deal at SDSU. The campus has two co-ed groups, plus one for the girls and another for the boys. They hold concerts every year, and participate in different competitions around the area. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go grab my pitch pipe.

and Greek Life here is About More Than just Parties

Our fraternities and sororities have their fun moments, but they’re also really big in the community. Every group is required to sponsor a new project or outreach program, and they help out in big ways.

and if you go here, you support our troops

SDSU has an amazing reputation with the military and veterans community. No surprise, considering we have such a huge naval base in town. Not only does the school do amazing work with getting veterans an education, but they also have impressive officer training for the future leaders of our armed forces. It’s enough to make you stand up and salute!

most of all, You Know We’re The Top College

Every time you see someone taking a selfie at SDSU, they’re making history. We were the top-ranking school for Forbes’ #MyTopCollege campaign, with hundreds of students sharing pictures and tweets about why we’re the top school in the U.S.

because We Come Together, Especially When It’s Important

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We were all saddened to hear about fellow student Sara Stelzer, who died from meningitis on Oct. 17. But current and former Aztecs have rallied together, sharing memories about her on social media and offering support to each other. Because no matter where you are, you’re always an Aztec.

because 'Aztec For Life’ Isn’t Just a Saying

It’s Who We Are

When you’re an Aztec, you’re an Aztec For Life.

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