Are Kelley Johnson & Jennice Ontiveros a Good 'Below Deck' Couple? Let's Weigh the Pros & Cons

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This season on Below Deck, there were flirtatious hot tub dates and charter soul mates, but only one bona fide romance: Kelley Johnson and Jennice Ontiveros finally hooked up for real in the latest episode, just in time for the fallout to dominate the Season 2 finale and reunion.

Kelley & Jennice. Jennice & Kelley. The two have been circling one another all season long. And it's been alternately annoying and likable as every episode has sailed by. For every moment where they're teasing one another and being likable, there are 10 more where they give long speeches about whether or not these "feelings" are "something" "real" and "meaningful" and I'm bored. But I can't decide if I enjoy these two together or if their union is doomed, so I turn to the decision maker of Type-A people everywhere: the pros and cons list. While Kelley and Jennice sound bland on paper, terrible out loud, and surprisingly entertaining when edited down to a 35 second trailer, breaking down the pros and cons is the only way to ensure total mathematical proof as to whether this couple should stick together 5-eva or break up offscreen and never be mentioned again.

Image: Bravo (screenshot)

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