Don't Eat These Foods on a First Date

Eating and dating sometimes don’t mix. The last thing you need is to be gazing into your date’s eyes while he or she is gazing at the piece of spinach on your front tooth.

First dates can already be messy, so don’t make it even messier with food choices that will distract you. You want to play it safe for the first date, so you can focus on other things. Wait until you feel more comfortable to really wild it out with your meal choices, unless the key to your charm is spaghetti stains on your white blouse — because in that case, nothing is off limits.


This is a classic first date food no-no. I don’t even need to argue this point. The noodles do all the talking. If you’re craving pasta, how about choosing a less messy option, such as penne or rigatoni. You can still have your romantic “Lady and the Tramp” moment, but without the pasta sauce all over your face.

Corn on the Cob

Sorry to be a little corny, but this is a side dish you should just say ”no” to. If you really want some corn, ask for it sliced. That way you don’t have to get stuck having your date see that corn stuck in your teeth.


Ahhh, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you whoops! Beans are fantastic, don’t get me wrong. But the aftermath ain’t pretty. You want to be full of hot love, not hot air. So be classy, and not gassy — forgo the beans.


Ribs are delicious and all, but what’s not delicious is that barbecue sauce all over your face and shirt. So if you want to get down with some meat while on your date, order another less messy meat option. Don’t deny yourself a little filet mignon.


I smell something fishy, and so does your date. Tuna is yummy, but not everyone can agree on this. You want that feeling of “love is in the air,” not the smell of your meal. So maybe chose another fish option that doesn’t stink up the place.

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread — the number one kiss killer heard round the world. You love it, and it loves to leave an aftertaste lingering in your mouth. So if you want to get your kissy kissy on, I suggest holding back on this mouth-watering piece of bread. Unless you can persuade your date to partake in eating it as well, then go at it. One bad breath makes a wrong, while two bad breaths make a right.


Sorry, healthy eaters — spinach on a first date has got to go. Although it’s packed with nutrients, it’s also packed with the potential to get all in your teeth. The last thing you need is your date to say “Let’s do this again sometime, and oh wait, you have something in your teeth.” Order a more teeth-friendly piece of leaf if you want to be healthy.

Spicy Foods

If you can’t stand the heat, don’t order that spicy dish. Not every person is cut out for spicy foods. Some people love it, while others, like myself, sweat profusely and need a glass of water by their side. You want to be sweating because your date is so hot, not because your meal is.

Gigantic Sushi Rolls

There’s nothing sexier than a big piece of sushi stuffed in your mouth — not. Going to sushi can be a fun first date, but it can also be a not-so-pleasant one. Say hello to not being able to talk because you're chewing, again. And you can’t really cut up a sushi roll, or you’ll look like a sushi novice. Try to order a smaller roll if you still want to keep your dignity intact.


Ordering a salad is fine, if you actually enjoy yourself some salad. Ordering a salad because you’re too afraid to eat in front of your date is not fine. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who eats and enjoys food. So toss that salad option aside and get what you really want.

Image: jmr; booleansplit; roolrool; sweetonveg; lifeontheedge/Flickr