He's Finding Humor in His Split with Mariah

It seems like just yesterday that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey tied the knot in a gorgeous fairy-tale wedding in the Bahamas. Three years later, the couple welcomed adorable fraternal twins Moroccan and Monroe into the fold. Everything seemed perfect, right? Cannon and Carey seemed so in love with each other and their cute kids, but unfortunately, it didn't last. Earlier this year, the 34-year-old Cannon confirmed that he and Mariah Carey are separated. No formal divorce papers have been filed just yet, but he'll make his first appearance on BET's Real Husbands of Hollywood since the news broke this summer. And yup, Cannon will address his divorce on Season 3 of Real Husbands, premiering Tuesday night. But he's willing to play it for laughs.

Despite what its title might have newcomers think, Real Husbands of Hollywood is actually a scripted comedy series that parodies all those wildly popular Real Housewife shows on Bravo, starring Cannon, Duane Martin, Kevin Hart, Boris Kodjoe, and Nelly. BET Chairman and CEO Debra Lee recently revealed that Cannon is willing to play his impending breakup for laughs. “Divorce is hard,” Lee said. “But he keeps saying they have a great relationship, and I hope they will be okay.”

It's disappointing to hear that Carey and Cannon are headed for splitsville, but I'm glad to hear the San Diego native and Real Husbands is brave enough to take on what can be a very serious topic. Here are some of the moments that would be a great to find the comedy in heartbreak in Season 3:

Carey and Cannon's Goodbye

It's been confirmed that Mariah will make a guest appearance on the comedy this season — she appears in a preview for the show in a makeup chair, yelling "Cut!" Is that a metaphor for their marriage? I hope we get to see more than just that quick bit. If Carey's game, it would be funny (and a bit absurd) to see the show's version of their official parting of ways. I wonder if the parody of this goodbye would be a long or a quick one — until they meet again with their divorce lawyers, probably.

Cannon's Dating Game

Supposedly, Cannon hasn't wasted any time getting back in the saddle and dating around. He's been romantically linked to model Amber Rose and Jasmine Sanders. It would be awesome if Real Husbands would portray Cannon's first date after six years of marriage. Would he be nervous? Might he consult the other husbands for advice? Would he cruise for chicks on Tinder? Of course, no matter what happens, hilarity would most likely ensue.

Cannon Just Hanging With the Guys

Well, that is what the series is about anyway. Now that Cannon is single and already mingling, he'll need his best buds more than ever to share his dating woes or just blow off some steam with a guys night. It's tough out there in the single life, but luckily, he's surrounded by a hilarious bunch on Real Husbands of Hollywood to keep it light, fun, and pretty wacky.

No matter what, it sounds like this season of Real Husbands of Hollywood will be the most daring — and hilarious — yet.

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