Her Homecoming Outfit Was Surprisingly Normal

I was not famous when I attended high school (even less famous than I am now, in fact), but had I been, I'm certain I would've worn crazy designer dresses to any and all dances in order to prove how much cooler I was than everyone else. I'm talking, like, Alexander McQueen level of ridiculous. Not so for actual famous high schoolers, it seems. Bella Thorne went to her school's homecoming dance dressed as a totally normal teen.

No, actually. The former My Own Worst Enemy star wore a hot pink body con dress identical to the one every other 17-year-old girl in the world owns. Okay, so Thorne's was Hervé Leger and not Express, plus her lace-up nude heels were from Aquazarra and not the "fancy" section of DSW. And her date looked like the movie version of a high school lacrosse player instead of an actual high school lacrosse player. BUT STILL. She could have been any other (outrageously pretty) teenage girl.

Truth be told, I wish I looked half as classy during one single day of high school as Bella Thorne looked on her homecoming night. One upside to being a famous teen — your pre-dance living room photos are bound to be 20 million percent less embarrassing than everyone else's when you look back on them a decade later.