They've got some exciting news!

There's some breaking news on the funny couple baby front! Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders are expecting their second child together! A rep for the Saturday Night Live star and How I Met Your Mother actress revealed their pregnancy news to People magazine on Tuesday and I have to admit, I did not see this one coming. Can someone explain to me how the super busy SNL performers have time to have a life and make babies when they aren't working on the show? I barely have time to work, watch all my Netflix shows, and wash clothes! I guess this is why they get paid the big bucks.

But in all honesty, congratulations to this beautiful couple. Killam and Smulders are already parents to five-year-old Shaelyn Cado and what better time to introduce a time-consuming new baby than at the height of Killam's extremely busy SNL career? Also, did you guys have any idea at all that this couple already made a baby and that baby has been on this earth for five whole years?! The things I am learning today are truly amazing.

According to her IMDb page, the 32-year-old actress's upcoming projects are both in post-production, so it looks like she might be taking some time off to welcome baby number two into the world. But we need to ask some questions of Taran Killam. For example, does he feel the pressure to choose between home and work life? How does he handle being a working dad? Does he ever feel guilty for leaving the kids at home when he's at work? Can he really have it all? You know, all the stereotypical questions about working parents that all media outlets will inevitably ask of Smulders and forget to ask Killam because that's how gender politics work.

But anyway... CONGRATS, YOU TWO!

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