What Happened to Eric From 'Boy Meets World'? Will Friedle's Still Acting, But in a Different Way

It's been a great week for fans of the severely underrated Will Friedle. Last Friday our very own Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World joined Twitter and set off a firestorm of happy fans and tweeters, myself obviously included. In my haste to reminisce about the good old days of BMW, I forgot the find out where Mr. Friedle has been hiding out in the 14 years (WOW) that the show has been off the air — reruns not included. As it turns out, Friedle has kept himself plenty busy and is still working in the entertainment industry, though you might not have realized it.

While we probably won't be seeing Uncle Eric pop up on the next-generation Disney Channel show Girl Meets World, there are still plenty ways we can enjoy the voical stylings of Friedle. You probably didn't know, but he does SO MUCH voiceover work. So much. He told Mashable last year, "I don't really do on-camera acting anymore. I love voiceover animation work and I'm having a lot of fun doing it."

Well, this fan wishes he would make a GMW appearance, but I respect that he's lending out those vocal cords and breathing life into some awesome animated characters. Let's take a look at what he's been up to since his days as our favorite underachieving Matthews brother!

Remember Kim Possible?

Then you must remember Ron Stoppable and then — whoa, you totally just remembered that Ron's voice was Will Friedle's, didn't you?! I can't believe I forgot this incredibly important part of my childhood. However, no word yet if Friedle has stayed friends with the naked mole rat.

He's pretty technologically impaired

In the interview with Mashable, Friedle explained,

I'm two steps away from being Amish. I don't have a smartphone... and I just learned how to do an email attachment. People are so distracted by their phones... and it creates such a disconnection. There is the concept that the world is getting closer and you can interact with people around the world — and you can — but at the same time, you are missing out on what's happening around you.

But luckily, in the past year he seems to have grown out of this weird technophobic phase because he joined Twitter, and we all really needed that to happen.

Voiced characters liked Lion-O, Bumblebee, and Harry Potter?!

According to his IMDb page, Friedle's other voice-over work includes work on Thundercats, Mad (the TV series, this is where he voiced Harry Potter), Transformers Prime, and Green Arrow. That's pretty impressive!

He supports the cast of Girl Meets World

When told fans of his would like to see him in GMW, Friedle replied:

That’s very sweet. I’ve heard that as well, but I also think it’s important that the new cast kind of gets to have the opportunity that we did as kids, and get to learn their characters and get to grow up doing that as well and maybe we need to just kind of leave them alone a little bit and let them do that. So, you know, who knows, the future’s a funny thing, you never know what’s going to happen, but I will definitely be involved as a fan, I can tell you that.

He sounds so sweet and genuine in this Comicsonline.com article from last September. He sounds like exactly the kind of person we all hoped he would be.

He plays the movie quote game

And now everyone following him on Twitter can play too. Fingers crossed for some old school BMW memorabilia given out to the winners!

He's not too bad at Boy Meets World trivia

Entertainment Weekly got the BMW cast back together for a reunion last year and put the stars to the test with some trivia that only BMW fans would know. He beat Lily Nicksay (Morgan! Hey, I wonder what she's been up to...) to win the prize of just knowing that he still remembered facts from 20 years ago.

The truth is, we don't know took much about the 38-year-old actor's life because he's kept himself focused on his voice-over career and out of the social media world. His emergence on Twitter and his use of Plays With Squirrels as his avatar gives me hope that we'll soon get to know more about the man that used to play the lovable and ridiculous older brother that everyone wanted.

Images: ABC; Giphy (3); Cartoon Network