Is He Really Dating Kris Jenner's Best Friend?

by Arielle Dachille

Oh boy. The plot of the Kris Jenner/Bruce Jenner divorce is thickening as we speak. Rumor has it that Bruce Jenner is dating Kris Jenner's former best friend Ronda Kamihira, which sounds like a big old mess. But other than an alleged girl code criminal, who is Ronda Kamihira? I feel compelled to re-watch archival episodes of KUWTK to try to find out.

As Us Weekly reports, Ronda Kamihira was once Kris Jenner's BFF, but has since graduated to former-BFF, and is now allegedly dating Kris' ex-husband. It's only been a month since Kris filed for divorce from Bruce, her husband of 23 years. Is it possible that he's moved on that quickly? Welp, nobody knows. Jenner said on Ryan Seacrest's radio show that she has "no idea what Bruce does in his personal time." Yikes! That sounds like the sullen aggression of someone whose former best friend is dating their ex. But she wishes him well, I guess, saying that she hopes "he's doing his thing and having a good time."

More about this Ronda lady, though. According to Us, Ronda is allegedly the mystery lady who Bruce was going to meet at the Elton John concert he attended a few weeks ago. You know, that time he was rocking the '80s Cindy Crawford hair. It goes without saying that Ronda and Bruce probably met through Kris because the two women were apparently attached at the hip at one point. Perez Hilton reports that Ronda was even Kris' assistant. Check her out, on the left.

Essentially, Ronda was the Kim Kardashian to Kris' Paris Hilton. In addition, their respective families became one big happy non-biological family. She has two daughters named Maddy and Spencer, pictured below.

Ronda's girls even grew up with Kendall and Kylie. Behold, some time-lapse photos of her children with the Jenner children, accompanying a birthday message to Kendall Jenner that seemed to be ignored.

No matter though. She can drown her jilted birthday wish sorrows in Caviar and champagne.

Also, she's got enough time on her hands to jet off to Mexico and lounge on some luxury outdoor furniture.

So, we get it. Ronda Kamihira is an old family friend. She may just be keeping Bruce company in his hour of need rather than trying to tap that. Then again, who knows? She may be hosting some late night hair-braiding parties with caviar and champagne. Bow-chicka-wa-wa!