But Really Though, What's Wrong With Dandy Mott?

Oh boy. American Horror Story: Freak Show has its new big bad, and it's not who anyone would have expected it to be. The pilot episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show introduced us to the show's most monstrous creation, Twisty the Clown, and now, horrifyingly, it seems that Twisty has found his very own protege and it's left us wondering: What is wrong with AHS' Dandy Mott?

Rich man-boy Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) revealed himself to be just as monstrous inside as Twisty is in the second episode of the new series, Wednesday's bloody episode "Massacres and Matinees." After Dandy's mother Gloria (Francis Conroy) gifted Twisty to her son, Dandy and Twisty went off to the woods to play with a few "living toys." Dandy proved his loyalty to Twisty by returning Twisty's runaway "friends" — aka the boy and girl Twisty captured in the pilot — proving that Dandy is as evil as his Twisty is terrifying.

This was a surprising turn of events — after all, Dandy is quite easily the least physically intimidating of anyone on the show. (Unless you're particularly terrified of expensive loafers.) The dude is clearly nuts, so let's peel back the layers of Dandy Mott and find out exactly what makes him tick (and you know, do really terrible things):

He's Bored

Think you want to give your children everything? Maybe you should think twice about that, because nothing that anyone could give Dandy would make this terrible person happy, whether it be an expensive puppet collection or a feast of snails. Dandy wasn't even happy with Twisty until he found out that Twisty could get help him get his kicks from torturing other people.

He Might Be A Sociopath

According to Psychology Today, sociopaths have a severely damaged conscience with no regard for others — that seems to fit Dandy to a T. The only thing that Dandy truly cares about is where he's going to find the next source of entertainment. It's no wonder that his maid thought that he was the one murdering people.

He Wants To Be A Performer

If Dandy can't perform on stage the way he wants to, he might just take up with a certain clown act and find a new way to get the spotlight — even if it means murdering people in the process. It's no secret that murder trials can become a bit of a spectacle — could gaining notoriety over fame become Dandy's ultimate plan?

He Has "Peter Pan Syndrome"

"Peter Pan Syndrome" refers to men who still behave as though they are children. (Maybe you've dated a few?) Though we don't know Dandy's exact age, we know that he is a man trapped inside the mind of a child — so much so that he still drinks out of a glass baby bottle! Gloria clearly babies Dandy, though it's hard to tell when the problem started — was he immature for his age or did Gloria's fussing make him behave in such a way?

Dandy has buckets of issues, and if he keeps hanging with Twisty, they can only get worse. Dandy's mental instability might turn him into someone even more evil than the demented clown. I'm already terrified.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy (6)