Well, That Escalated Quickly

Well. Things sure got real fast with Doctor Skye's Father on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week. He was operating on a mystery patient in a room that couldn't be sanitary. He threatened Raina after she asked him for the obelisk back. What's Skye's father's deal? Is he an alien? Now that Agent Coulson told Skye what we've all been thinking about her being an alien, we can start exploring that on the show.

Another important reveal is that Coulson and May knew that Skye's father was alive and looking for her all along. Or at least at some point. I seem to remember both of them looking for answers last season. At which point did they find the answers and decide to keep them from their chippiest recruit? Perhaps when Coulson became Director?

Still, none of that beat when he waltzed into Hydra and handed them the obelisk and offered his services to Daniel Whitehall. Perfect. Seriously, what is wrong with Daddy Dearest?

Doctor in the Mirror

He's losing control. Raina warned him that his rage would make him unsuitable to reunite with his daughter. That spooky green lighting definitely makes him look like an alien, right? It was only lighting half of his face most of the time, which often symbolizes a duel personality. Has he got a Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde thing going on? Or is he only half alien? It seems almost definite that he's the other person out there carving that alien writing. I wonder if it's having the same negative reaction on him as well.

The "Practice"

Why are random tough guys coming to this guy for medical procedures? Has he developed a type of the GH-325 drug? Why would he knowingly administer it to patients if he knew about the side effects? They didn't make it, though whether or not that was an act of murder or mercy remains to be seen. Is he experimenting? Is he trying to create inhumans?

It also appears to be a mobile practice. He cleared out by the time Skye snuck in, but kept a camera on to watch her on his iPad. Which he then smashed, which is upsetting because I'm sure there was a file on Skye's mother there. Or Skye's real name...

​Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC