Her Latest Looks Were Super Revealing

I'm all for a little sex appeal on the red carpet — if you got it, flaunt it, right? But there is such a thing as too much skin. For example, Boy Meets World alum Maitland Ward wore two see-through dresses to a fashion show... without underwear. Like, entirely sans undergarments. It was really not a good look.

Obviously, Ward has a smokin' hot body and so I don't think anyone was horribly offended by her almost nude figure. I'm not a big fan of either dress, which were both presumably designed by Adolfo Sanchez, whose West Hollywood presentation the actress was attending. The first one had awkward cap sleeves and strategically placed geometric triangles covering her breasts and nether regions, while the back was entirely sheer. Like, "butt crack and all" sheer.

Her second look was somehow worse due to a giant ruffled train cascading down from her vagina like a black satin waterfall. The rest of the (again totally see-through) outfit was covered in a black grid pattern. Although the dresses were both pretty terrible, I have to give the actress major props for confidently rocking such a bold look. I mean, she's basically naked. It takes a hefty dose of self-love to pull that off and not come across as ridiculous and attention seeking. But Ward manages to rock it.

That said, sheer is best when it's done more subtly, or at least used as an opportunity to show off some killer underwear. Don't try this look at home, folks.