Can We Trust Abraham & Rosita?

Did anybody catch this? On last Sunday's The Walking Dead , relative newcomers Abraham and Rosita shared some shady glances and verbal exchanges. I'm not talking romantic, though Abraham & Rosita are a couple in the comics. I'm talking suspicious. They were eying Michonne as she took out a Walker, and the two Texans remarked to each other that this was the reason why they were waiting for their moment. Their moment to do what, exactly?

Surely Abraham wasn't talking about the speech he made to the group about going to Washington. Rick and the others already knew that was their goal. What are they waiting for? One of the themes of this season is "trust no one," as Carl was lectured in Father Gabriel's Church. They seem nice enough, but I don't think we can trust Abraham and Rosita all that much. They seem to be hiding something.

Add to that the suspicions that Eugene doesn't really know the cure for the Walker virus, and I've got a theory. In the comics, Eugene is just a High School Chemistry teacher. Now, AMC already did that show, so The Walking Dead is sure to change his character a little bit. Do Abraham and Rosita think Eugene is lying? If so, are they right? The cure still seems like Gatsby's green light at this point in the series. It's an unattainable, likely more symbolic than anything, goal. What are the ulterior motives here? Why protect Eugene if they know he is a liar?

One kind of depressing scenario is that the two are simply protecting Eugene out of habit. Lying to Rick and the others gains them allies. It's collateral to have friends and family and safe passage to the next location. They may not know what's in Washington, D.C. but they may need to keep going just to have something to do and that lie is keeping them alive. I personally don't believe that Eugene could have the answers to the cure. It's just too good to be true. He has a part to play, but no mullet can be that important. Maybe Rosita and Abraham are waiting on their moment to abandon the group. I sure hope they wouldn't be so stupid as to try to attack them, but that seemed to be what Abraham was alluding to when he was referring to Michonne.

Maybe their shadiness has nothing to do with Eugene. I don't want to believe it, but what if they are part of the "hospital"-like organization that is holding Beth? I'm not saying that Abraham and Rosita are necessarily pure evil. In the same episode, Tara revealed that she had been in The Governor's Group without knowing what that monster was capable of. What if Abe and Rosita believe that it is a safe haven of research, and not the Utilitarian nightmare that we saw in the trailers? They may have been instructed to bring Eugene to this facility by that group that Eugene believed to be working for the U.S. Government. They could know things that even Eugene does not know. The only crack in that theory is, of course, that Beth's captors clearly have cars. Couldn't they have sent Eugene a car? I guess communication isn't the best these days.

Whatever it is, I'm keeping my eye on these two. The others have plenty to worry about, with Carol and Daryl on the road together and Bob Stookey getting slowly barbecued. I'm happy to keep my suspicions raised for them.

Image: Gene Page/AMC; geckowinchesters/Tumblr