Juliette & Avery Really Need To Have That Talk

Yet another week of my life has gone by without Avery and Juliette talking about their baby on Nashville, and I think I can speak for the universe when I say that I am about on the edge of reason. After spending all this time wondering how Avery was going to react to Juliette's extremely blunt text, he ended up behaving just the way we all thought he would: by chasing after Juliette and making a total scene. Our only comfort now is that it looks like from the preview of next week's episode that he and Juliette are going to have to discuss the baby whether they like it or not.

What is sweet about the two of them, even though they're making a total mess of their personal lives, is that they both genuinely care about the future of this baby, and have shown a lot of growth from the characters we met in Season 1. Even though Avery's excuses about wanting to have his life put together are a little moot when Juliette has enough money to buy half of Nashville, his first instinct when he heard about the baby wasn't to freak out or make excuses to get out of it, but to actually consider what would be best for the baby in the long-term. Can anyone imagine him reacting like that a few years ago?

In the meantime, I'm glad that Juliette has a pal in co-star Noah West. (That's right. Pal. No funny business, Noah.) That was a straight up bro moment when he helped hide her pregnancy bump during the filming of the sex scene, and Juliette needs a friend right now — especially because after that dramatic moment a few episodes ago when she turned to Rayna for help, their budding connection fizzled almost as fast as it formed. I have a feeling that if the fainting spell hasn't outed her, it's not going to be very long before Juliette's big secret gets revealed on set. If she hasn't made up with Avery by then (fingers crossed), she's going to need somebody to lean on. And I will hope against hope that Noah isn't the kind of guy that's going to go after her in the midst of all the drama going on in her life.

Also, can we all have a moment of appreciation for Hayden Panettiere rockin' that righteous bump of hers, though? I mean, I know we all give props to Juliette on the show, but it's Hayden working her groove thing.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy