How Did 'Age of Ultron' Set Up For 'Cap 3'?

No, I'm still not over this. In fact, there's a good chance that I might never get over this — at least until the movie comes out. On Wednesday, someone at Marvel decided to smile down upon us and release the official Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer almost a week early. The Internet, predictably, completely lost their mind. However, now that the dust has settled a little and we can all think around our incoherent screaming, there have been plenty of different studies of the trailer. All the parts that you missed or didn't know the significance of have been revealed, but I have a more important question. How did Age of Ultron set up for Captain America 3?

You might be thinking that it didn't. After all, the movie hasn't even come out yet so how are we supposed to know how Captain America 3 will connect to it? Surely there are no clues about the Civil War storyline hidden in a teaser trailer that's not even three minutes long. Except for how there totally were. In fact, I found six hints buried in the Ultron trailer that allude to the (assumed) plot of Captain America 3. You're welcome.

1. Everyone's mad at Tony.

In the Age of Ultron trailer, Tony Stark gets attacked by two of his own team members — Thor and the Hulk. To be entirely fair, most people are mad at Tony several times a day, but most of them generally avoid attacking him over it. This could lay the foundation for Tony being the face of the Superhero Registration Act once Captain America 3 rolls around.

2. Tony's guilt complex is a real thing

In Age of Ultron's adaptation of the comic book storyline, Tony is the one who built Ultron before he went crazy and started his rampage. The first thing we learned about Tony from Iron Man was that his guilt complex is strong. He blamed himself for all the lives lost in Stark Industries' weapons manufacturing, so he's probably going to blame himself for all the lives lost in Ultron's attack... and want to do some drastic good to make up for it.

3. They destroy a lot of property.

One of the contributing factors to the proposing of the Superhero Registration Act in the Civil War storyline is the sheer amount of property damage these costumed superheroes cause to every major city under the sun. After all, you need to know who to sue when they blow up a monument trying to stop a bad guy, right? Bustle's Michael Arbeiter pointed out that the Ultron trailer is full of destruction porn, but what if that's the whole point?

4. There's in-fighting amongst the Avengers.

To be fair, there's always been in-fighting amongst the Avengers. In fact, there was so much in-fighting amongst the Avengers that the whole team almost never properly formed. However, the team got past all that to finally work together — and now they're fighting again. Or, rather, everyone's fighting Tony and possibly also the Hulk. That doesn't bode well for a united front in the future... like, say, around the time of the Superhero Registration Act.

5. Iron Man caused the problem.

In Age of Ultron, the creation of Ultron will be all Tony's fault. He was already considered the most volatile member of the team (which is saying something, considering the Hulk), so this might just be the last straw before they boot him from the group for good. And as much as Tony might be a loner, I feel he'll go a little crazy if they kick him out. Crazy enough to, say, support the Superhero Registration Act.

6. Captain America dies.

All right, so it's highly unlikely that Steve Rogers kicks the bucket in this film considering there's going to be a third film in his title franchise. However, we did get a tragic shot of him lying on the floor next to his broken shield. Just enough of a teaser to make our hearts race. Guess what happens after the events of the Civil War arc? That's right. Steve Rogers dies. I guess we should get used to looking at this from now in preparation for Captain America 3.

Check out the trailer below.

Image: YouTube