Anna Kendrick and Kate Spade Team Up in Las Vegas For The Brand's Holiday Campaign

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but squeal when I see Anna Kendrick. Everyone has been totally infatuated with the Pitch Perfect star since she adorably purred that we were gonna miss her when she’s gone and flipped that famous cup. She held her own while acting opposite George Clooney, showed off her serious pipes, and made us laugh hysterically at her down-to-earth tweets. And she’s just so darn cute. Fans everywhere can’t help but love Kendrick for her lovely looks and playful persona. The folks over at Kate Spade apparently feel the same way, as they named Anna Kendrick as the face of Kate Spade’s Holiday Campaign. And judging by the pics from the shoot, it looks like a perfect fit. I mean, what label is more playful-yet-effortlessly-lovely than Kate Spade?

Kendrick is totally sparkling in the ads that were shot during Las Vegas trip full of glamorous dresses and wintery accessories, confetti, and champagne. For the backdrop of the shoot, the actress visited old-school, vintage Vegas hot spots, with her posse of doting gentlemen trailing behind her. “It felt like we got into a time machine. It was so romantic and fun,” she told People Style Watch.

The bags featured are crazy chic and perfectly petite – ideal for all those holiday parties I know you’re looking forward to. Just big enough for a “Wallet, keys, and phone,” notes Kendrick. “Well, and my retainer.” Ugh, she’s one of us!

Images: Getty Images, NewYorkTrending/Twitter, AnnaKendrick47/Twitter