This 2-Year-Old Has 31 Amazing Halloween Costumes

We might as well just call off Halloween, folks, because you're not going to meet any trick-or-treaters even half as hardcore and adorable as the Halloween costume master, 2-year-old Willow. Her mother, photographer Gina Lee, has officially declared October #DressUpWillow month, much to the delight of her many followers on Instragram and everyone who saw Willow on Good Morning America yesterday when the morning show featured many of her chic and edgy toddler ensembles. Now every few days we are treated to yet another picture of the infallibly cheerful Willow. If she doesn't make your day, I don't know what will, you heartless wretch.

The #DressUpWillow project actually began last year, when Willow, who was considerably smaller at the time, debuted Halloween fashions such as Glinda the Good Witch, Kate Middleton, and Little Orphan Annie (which is made all the more adorable by co-starring her father as Daddy Warbucks). But this Halloween, Willow is back and her costume game is stronger than ever. She has started experimenting with bolder fashions, and is even fearlessly taking food service by storm, posing as an In 'N Out Burger employee, a See's Candies employee, and even quirkier characters like Richard Simmons and a baby troll doll.

It's safe to say we can all take a lesson in Halloween fashion DIY from Willow, who manages to make her costumes easily recognizable and hilarious without breaking the bank. I personally have been inspired to think out of the box this year with a costume and get on Willow's level. In the meantime, though, I think we're all going to be busy refreshing Gina Lee's Instagram page to see just what quirky costume Willow is will be grinning in next.

Images: Gina Lee/Instagram