Don't Worry fans, Graham isn't going anywhere

Fans of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls will be happy to hear the news that Lauren Graham is returning to the small screen in the CBS re-boot of The Odd Couple . Matthew Perry will star as Oscar, the sloppy yin to the high-strung yang of Felix, played by Thomas Lennon. Graham has had a long tenure on television, appearing in series like 3rd Rock from the Sun, News Radio, the much beloved Gilmore Girls and most recently in Parenthood, which is in its final season. She’ll be a recurring guest star in The Odd Couple as Gaby, Felix’s ex-wife. It’s a perfect fit considering Graham and Perry already have a history of on-screen chemistry as they’ve worked together previously on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Go On.

Though The Odd Couple is a male-centric story, the two women in the series might just be its biggest draw. Graham brings real star power to The Odd Couple. Both of Graham’s most recent starring roles have gathered large and loyal fanbases. Where she leads, they follow. Along with Graham is Yvette Nicole Brown, who is coming off the drama of the Community will they/won’t they be cancelled. There was talk of revivals, web series, and movies. Regardless of where Community lands, at least fans know where they can find Brown.

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Despite Perry’s Friends fame, his forays into television over the past decade have been less than successful. Both Studio 60 and Go On were short lived. Lennon, who experienced success on the small screen in the Comedy Central series Reno 911! has since moved onto smaller film roles — Including the swoon-worthy teen drama 17 Again starring Perry, Lennon and one Zachary Efron.

The Odd Couple may be a classic, but it’s Graham who just might be the reason fans tune in. In Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and now in The Odd Couple, Graham has played single women who are mothers, business-owners, divorcees and you know, human beings. On-screen, her characters have helped to shake up the stigmas surrounding all of those “types.” There’s something ultimately relatable and accessible about Graham. She just might be the trick Matthew Perry needs to make the next big sitcom. Third time is the charm, right?

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