How To Make Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Jell-O shots are sooo 2013, because toasted marshmallow shots are here, and they’re glorious. And sticky. Cheri Alberts, of YouTube's The Watering Mouth, teaches all of us how to make our very own toasted marshmallow shot glass. All you need are marshmallows, two forks, a functioning gas stove, liquor, and an appetite for sickeningly sweet, gooey things (but I'm guessing you already have that). Once you’ve evenly browned your mallow, you flip it over on your plate so it can implode, and BAM – you have a marshmallow shot glass. God bless this beautiful country and all the ways we think of getting tanked. And although it’s more like a half-shot, I think I’m down with this marshmallow liquor vessel.

Alberts instructs us how to quickly pour a shot, because “they fall apart easily, so you have to shoot quick!” Not a problem, girl. I’ve downed many an Irish Car Bomb before they curdled, so you could say I’m a pro at drinking things fast before they deconstruct, a skill I was actually thinking about putting on my resume. I like Alberts, but she gets a smidge judge-y when she says, “I’m just gonna take my favorite liqueur. I happen to have some coffee liqueur here, but you can use anything. ANY kind of liqueur would be great, or even hard liquor if you have THOSE kinds of friends.” Those kinds of friends? You mean, fun individuals who like getting tipsy and eating marshmallows? I think you meant to say the BEST kinds of friends. Watch here and learn Cheri Alberts' mallow-y ways: