Jim Carrey Wants To Swing From The Chandelier

Well, the costume contest results might have been a little body-shaming, but Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon just joined the "Chandelier" parody ranks, and it was perfection. While I will forever support Lena Dunham — and all of her creative pursuits — I have to say, I think SNL won this round of "Chandelier" dancing. By a lot.

The skit started out run of the mill, as most diamond-in-the-rough's do. But when Kate McKinnon — where was she all episode? — showed up in the child dancer's costume from Sia's music video (you know, in a nude body suit and a blunt blonde wig), you could tell things were going to get interesting. Right before Vanessa Bayer's character — who is judging the costume contest — calls the winner, Carrey shows up in the same child dancer's costume as McKinnon. Does anyone else notice this is a common trend with Carrey's SNL's skits? I'm looking at you Black Swan sketch.

Then it begins. The dance off. Words can't really describe how incredible the dance off is. The two completely let loose, and take over the entire studio to do so. They dance through the audience, they dance with Lorne Michaels — sort of, he didn't really dance — they even danced through sets from the episode (like the graveyard sketch, which you probably already forgot about... or should). Then they ambush Iggy Azalea, who is also dressed — or undressed — in the same costume!

It was two minutes of perfection, and might be better than any other dance off that SNL has ever sponsored.

Images: YouTube