So, This Is How Emma Knows The Snow Queen?

This is both a predictable and interesting new Once Upon A Time development. At this point, I'd exhausted all of the possible ways that Emma and The Snow Queen could possibly know one another — and Bustle has as well. So, it didn't surprise me one bit that, like Bustle writer Rachel Paige theorized, on Sunday night's new episode, Once Upon a Time revealed that The Snow Queen might be Emma's foster mom. And, just like that, OUAT quickly answered a question we've all been pondering since this character was introduced to the series' Frozen arc — just like it revealed that The Snow Queen's real name is Sarah Fisher on last Sunday's episode. But, again, this opens up a lot more questions than it answered.

As usual, OUAT made its big reveal during the final moments of the episode, in an almost sinister way. After completely forgoing the Frozen arc during last Sunday's episode, this week's "Breaking Glass" was kind of jarring — especially when it introduced a new character from Emma's past, Lily. We were bombarded with Frozen and I spent a lot of time wondering why we were spending so much time on this flashback of Emma making a random friend in a grocery store that convinced her to break into a lakeside mansion. But Lily's proclamation of best friendship actually served as an important introduction to Emma's real relationship with Sarah by providing Emma with a video camera.

During the episode, Emma took a video with Lily and apparently brought the camera back to her foster home after Lily's parents (she lied and claimed to be an orphan to befriend Emma) broke up the girls' slumber party. Well, that camera caught footage of Sarah in Emma's teenage foster home — footage Emma had forgotten about until she re-watched the tape of her and Lily's friendly hours together on Sunday night.

Sarah's appearance in this video is HUGE for OUAT and for the current storyline. First of all, it reveals that The Snow Queen has been around for literally ages and she's not confined to Storybrooke, unlike the rest of the characters that came over with the curse. So, either she elected to head over to the real world for whatever reason OR it's because she's been searching for someone or something. It also reveals that she possibly, like Paige also theorized, erased Emma's memory of her time with her in foster care. But why? Could things have really been that bad?

Things about Sarah's existence are getting clearer and clearer, but they're not still not making any sense. Also, I still can't figure out how OUAT just ignored her ice cream shop for three seasons — I'M NOT DUMB, YA KNOW.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC