Do Strong Marriages or Steamy Affairs Earn TV Shows Higher Ratings? Let's Take a Look

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If last year's big TV trend was quirky comedies, this fall it's dramas filled with affairs. Following the success of its many soapy dramas, ABC premiered Mistresses this summer, which is pretty self-explanatory, and will debut Betrayal, the story of one woman's complicated affair, in just a few weeks. Other networks are following ABC's lead, as The Hollywood Reporter pointed out, with Showtime's upcoming The Affair and HBO's Open, both with a focus on extra-marital affairs.

But are affairs all it takes to get an audience? The heat between Olivia and Fitz on Scandal brought them success, but that doesn't mean viewers won't tune in for strong marriages—right? TV has had its share of both happily married couples and those who turn to someone else for...comfort. Let's look at the ratings for shows best known for one of these relationships, and see just what TV fans are looking for.

Image: ABC

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