North West Has a Birkin Bag for Her Diapers, Making Her the Actual Most Spoiled Baby Alive

Ugh! Of course! Of course North West has a Birkin bag at less than two years old and of course she uses it to dispose of her diapers. What else would you expect? This is the toddler who sat front row at Givenchy during her first Paris Fashion Week and probably napped the whole time because, OH YEAH, she's a toddler.

Allow me to explain. In an interview with Marie Claire UK, Kim Kardashian revealed that she uses an Hermès Birkin as a diaper bag. Yup, a $20,000 diaper bag. Since North is, well, a baby, she obviously gets gross baby fluids all over this insanely expensive purse and doesn't even bat an eye. Here's the relevant excerpt:

‘My diaper bag is a Birkin… a big one.’ Kim Kardashian-West is talking me through some of her greatest fashion indulgences, but sweet Yeezus this sounds OTT even by her standards. ‘There’s milk everywhere, spilled all over it and I want to say, ‘[North] we need to be a little neater, this is a Birkin.’ But obviously it means nothing to her yet.'

Look, I normally find North West and her ridiculously expensive designer wardrobe that she'll never remember wearing short of cute. I mean, she's clearly a bit spoiled, but it's not her fault and I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt, at least until she's old enough to talk and form opinions for herself. But this, frankly, is insane.

I know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are absurdly wealthy, but there's just something so wrong about using a multi-thousand dollar purse to store North West's poop accoutrements. There's a difference between investing in a somewhat stylish diaper bag and treating one of the most expensive, most coveted purses in existence like a piece of crap for your child to drool on.

Perhaps the Kardashian-Wests need a better financial planner? It seems like they're making some poor investment choices.

Images: Getty Images