Are 'Below Deck' Stars Jennice & Kelley Still Together? And 8 Other Questions The Couple Needs To Answer During The Tell-All

It was hard to watch last Tuesday night's season finale of Below Deck for many reasons. The usually entertaining Bravo reality show had a bit of a ho-hum final voyage, even with the return of our charter guest soulmate Dean Slover. Knowing that one of my favorite reality shows on TV right now wouldn't be setting sail again for a while obviously didn't sit well with me either. And then of course, there was the cliffhanger with Jennice and Kelley: are they together or not?

All season long, they had a "Will they or won't they?" story line. Even though they finally got together on board toward the end, sometimes what happens on the yacht stays on the yacht, as the life of a yachtie goes. Kelley told Jennice he wanted some time to live alone and figure his own stuff out, so it was a little ambiguous at the end what the ultimate status of their relationship would be on land.

Luckily, Bravo understands our frustration and need for up-to-date deets on Jelley. Yes, that is what I have decided to call them whether or not they are still an item. The network will air a "Crew Tells All" special on Tuesday night followed by a reunion show the next week. I think we all have some burning questions for this pair, and these are my most pressing queries that the duo better answer in these post-season shows.

Image: Bravo

What is the status of their relationship today?

This is obviously the big elephant in the room, and the question whose answer Jennice and Kelley have been teasing online that they’ll address at the reunion. I certainly hope they’re still together, but so many mixed signals both on and off the show, it really could go either way.

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How are they going to have a relationship anyway?

Let’s say hypothetically that Kelley and Jennice have decided to try this relationship thing out on dry land. When we last left them, they still had some logistics to figure out, such as living in the same city. Somebody was going to have to move if they wanted to do this thing for real. Jennice said in a recent interview that she is currently in the Fort Lauderdale area “for a certain someone,” and since Kelley also lives in that city, maybe they’re making things work better than it originally seemed.

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What did Kelley finally do to woo Jennice?

From the beginning, there was clearly chemistry between Jennice and Kelley. But then when things started heating up, Jennice pulled away, saying that Kelley had anger issues, which she understandably didn’t want to deal with. Then, Jennice’s relationship with her boyfriend off the yacht seemed to go south, and she suddenly wanted to give a relationship with Kelley a go. It wasn’t really clear why Jennice did a total 180 in her feelings for Kelley, so we need some more explanation, please.

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What happened to their significant others?

At the start of the charter Jennice and Kelley had a boyfriend and girlfriend, respectively, back home. As the season went on, Jennice’s relationship with her boyfriend definitely became strained, and we never really heard about Kelley’s girlfriend much at all. Don’t we all want to know how that conversation went when charter season ended, and if they have any sort of relationship with them today?

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What does Amy think about Jennice now?

Being the protective older sister that she is, Amy was understandably upset with Jennice when she rejected Kelley. However, as the season went on, it seemed like Amy would warm up to Jennice and then put up an icy front once again. It also looked like Amy started the rumor that Jennice wanted to move in with Kelley, which she never actually said. What’s your damage, Amy? Do you want these two crazy kids to be together or not?

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Was Kelley & Jennice's first date as awkward as it seemed?

When Jennice and Kelley finally got together, we all thought they would have an amazing, romantic date right out of a rom-com. The opposite of that actually happened. It didn’t look like Jennice and Kelley had much to talk about, and the waiter spilled Jennice’s delicious-looking chocolate mousse everywhere, which was probably the saddest part of it all. Plus, Jennice had to tell Kelley when to kiss her, which was really odd for a guy who surprised her with a smooch earlier in the season. Please say this date didn’t go as poorly as it appeared on screen.

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Has watching the show affected how they feel?

Reality TV stars always get offended when they actually watch the show after filming it. When the cameras are on you 24/7, you’re tired, and are filming confessionals, things you probably shouldn’t say always have a way of slipping out. I don’t remember Jennice and Kelley saying anything terrible behind the other’s back, but since this is reality TV, someone is bound to get offended over something seemingly said in confidence. The question is whether or not it will affect their relationship.

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Who started the rumor that they're moving in together?

As previously mentioned, a rumor spread in the second-to-last episode of this season that Jennice wanted to move in with Kelley once charter season ended. From what the cameras showed, Jennice never actually said this, but for some reason Amy relayed this information to Kelley, which probably raised a red flag for him about the relationship. Did Amy spread the rumor on purpose or inadvertently? Or, did she hear it from someone else? Time will tell if any damage was caused by the hearsay.

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Would Kelley and Jennice ever work together again?

It’s hard to work with people you like, especially if you’re romantically involved. Kelley and Jennice had their fair share of ups and downs, even having to move into different rooms just to get some space from one another in those cramped quarters. So would they want to go on another love cruise and work together again? Or, do they want to steer clear of that shipwreck by finding their own work?

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo