Being a Gladiator Is More Fun Than Being "Sexy"

Your Halloween just got a lot more scandalous, and no, I'm not referring to wearing a miniature Halloween costume in order to make said costume "sexy." Gone are the days when a packaged costume would work for Halloween; instead, dressing as your favorite television or movie character is the new way to go. And what better person to dress up as than the OG — Original Gladiator that is — make your Halloween costume Olivia Pope from Scandal . There is no doubt that Olivia Pope has an insane fashion game going on, so much so that The Limited created an Olivia Pope inspired fashion line, which is great, because, Halloween.

There are many reasons why you would want to dress as Olivia Pope. And although they seem obvious, let's go through a few of them (in no particular order). 1) She is flawless. 2) She has never spilt a drop of red wine on her crisp white jackets. 3) She's Olivia f**king Pope. 4) You can use your Halloween costume again, for work and stuff. I've never been one for practicality, but that last option seems like a win-win to me. Not only can you scream "It's Handled!" and "Shut. It. Down." to your friends on Halloween, but you can look like a perfect specimen at work the following Monday!

Here's how to get your Olivia Pope costume game on point (because when it comes to Liv, there is no other way) this Halloween.

The "Another Day At The Office" Olivia Pope

You are solving some Scandal, and not even breaking a sweat in this costume. Just stay away from any colored alcohols, because that is so not Olivia Pope if you dribble. All of this is available at The Limited. So easy, so Pope.

The "Shut. It. Down." Olivia Pope

You know the voice. You know the dramatic face. You know you need to consider it handled. The Limited has all of this for sale, so one stop shopping.

The "Poncho" Olivia Pope

This one will limit you from really getting into "Thriller" and "The Monster Mash," but that's the choice you made when you devoted yourself to wearing a white hat. Available at The Limited.

The "Weekend" Olivia Pope

Because even though this is still a fancy outfit, Olivia would probably wear this smelling produce at the farmer's market, or tasting artisanal breads... IF SHE HAD TIME FOR SUCH MUNDANE THINGS. The Limited, once again.

The Fitz Button

You need to show your support for the POTUS, right? Luckily, CafePress has these buttons that you can not only wear, but hand out to people at whatever Halloween party you show up to.

The Wine (duh)

What kind of Olivia Pope would you be if you didn't have a nice red attached to your hand (obviously in a beautiful, long-stemmed wine glass) at all times. I went with a $450 bottle of Cabernet — because why not? — but feel free to just bring a bag of Franzia.

Images: ABC; Scandal/ The Limited (4); CafePress; Bottlerocket Wine & Spirits; Crate & Barrel