Guys, Kanye Really Has a Sentimental Side

I'm glad to know that Yeezy got more for his wife than just some flattering tweets: Kanye West got really creative with Kim Kardashian's birthday gifts. When you have a lot of money, it's of course easier to pick out a really interesting present, but Kanye and North West's gifts to Kardashian were more sentimental than they were expensive. This year, West decided to give Kardashian something unique. "Kanye took me away for 24 hours and was like, 'What do I get the girl that has so much?'" Kim Kardashian told Us Weekly. The answer? "Sleep and no paparazzi and shopping at The Gap."

Yes. Shopping at Gap. I just did that this past weekend, so I guess you could say I'm just like Kimye. While there, the couple purchased several creme sweaters and Kardashian said they had plans to "reconstruct them and make things out of them." Look at that. Kim is gonna get krafty. And while I'm a little insulted that she treats $60 sweaters as I would four dollar bulk material from Joanne's, it's still a sweet birthday gift. Instead of things, Kanye gave her time to sleep, have privacy, and do some low key shopping.

The other present he gave her was a little more pricey, but also completely sentimental. He had North West paint a picture on an Hermes bag. "I had thought it was this new artist who had painted this purse [but] it was my daughter. It was amazing," Kardashian said of the present.

It's a pretty marked change from years past where West was all about extravagance. Remember the Birkin bag Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian for Christmas? He commissioned a million dollar painter to decorate the $16,000 bag. In my opinion the whole thing turned out pretty ugly so it felt more like West bragging about his money than getting Kim a gift she would love.

But West has been a pretty good gift giver over the past few years. I mean, the giant rose wall for Mother's Day was a grand gesture and the state-of-the-art spa room he gave her for her birthday last year were certainly nice. It's just that they lacked emotional value.

There's a reason they say, "it's the thought that counts." After all, getting a gift you know was pricey doesn't always compare to getting a gift you know someone took the time to really think about. If I was as famous as Kim, I'd probably want a paparazzi-free Gap shopping trip and a painting by my daughter, too.

So kudos to Kayne for really thinking things through this year. Let's just hope he won't be upset, then, if his next gift is way toned down compared to the Lamborghini he got in 2012.

Images: popcrush; gifrific