Katy Perry's B-Day Celebration Was Intense

To get in the mood for an in-depth investigation into Katy Perry's recent 30th birthday celebration and seemingly perfect life, I naturally started blasting "Last Friday Night" and bopping around my room because it's only Tuesday and a girl can dream, can't she? If I was a gorgeous and fun famous pop star with hot DJ maybe-boyfriend Diplo on my arm and had literally no party budget, what would I do? And in a totally serendipitous occurrence (I skipped a few tracks,) "Birthday" came on my shuffle and the ideas ran as wild as they do when I play those scratch-off games at my corner bodega and fantasize about what I'll do after I win a million dollars.

Well, the weekend is over and we now know that Perry didn't just have a birthDAY (hers is Oct. 25), but a birthWEEK. It all began on Oct. 20 when Katy Perry was joined by her boo Diplo, DJ Mia Moretti, singer Ellie Goulding, and many more friends and family to take a whirlwind birthday trip spanning across exotic locales in Africa and Europe! Being one of the biggest pop stars in the world constitutes a certain level of kooky (example: her ESPN Game Day guest spot) and fabulosity, and Perry always delivers.

When Katy Perry has a birthday wish, it is delivered

It was nice of her to start on a small scale (in her standards) when she tweeted at popular California pizza chain Shakey's Pizza, that all she needed for her birthday was her name on the sign. Well, didn't take long before one of her fabulous friends (none other than Sophia Rossi, co-founder of HelloGiggles) gave her just what she wanted:

In my opinion, she could've gone a little further, like Times Square status, but she's probably used to that already.

But Katy Perry really wanted to celebrate in Egypt

Perry has had a shaky past with her dressing up and paying homage (as she would put it) to many different cultures and traditions from all over the world. She married Russell Brand in India, performed in a kimono at the American Music Awards last year, and starred as Katy Pätra in her video for "Dark Horse," as a tribute to the legendary Cleopatra. So I think the Egypt idea was Perry's chance to experience the country first-hand. And if she has the means to have her cake in Egypt and eat it too, so be it.

Egypt was cancelled, so they went to Morocco instead

Welp. It was reported that due to political issues in Egypt at the moment, Perry canceled her trip. It probably wasn't a smart idea for an American pop star to be chilling on a cruise on the Nile River dressed up like Cleopatra. So instead, Perry was joined by her rumored boy toy Diplo and 30 of her friends to celebrate her birthday on Oct. 25 in Marrakesh, Morocco with a beach party full of "fire dancers, knife and sword performers, and ... belly dancers."

And when you're Katy Perry, you jump on your private jet to Paris for one night

After a no doubt wild night on a Moroccan beach, Perry, Diplo, and company hopped on to her jet to spend a night in the city of love and light, Paris. Eating at a normal restaurant wasn't part of the plan and Perry and her crew of 70(!!) people had her birthday dinner at restaurant Le Jules Verne, casually sitting on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. NBD.

What I love about Katy Perry is that she never ceases to party like it's her birthday everyday and whether we're famous pop stars or not, I think we've all got it in us to enjoy life just the same. So, party on!

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