The Most Popular Halloween Costume In Your State

Like every year before it, the Halloween of 2014 brings its own batch of offensive, weird, and politically incorrect costumes. Luckily, according to a map of the most popular Halloween costumes in each state, it looks as though most people will be avoiding dressing as sexy Ebola nurses in favor of more classic holiday disguises.

SumoCoupon, a website that offers discounts at a variety of stores and shops, has made a map detailing the costumes choices trending in each state. The coupon company analyzed Google search volumes in each state to determine which costumes were most popular across the country…and they found some weird trends. Apparently, lots of people in Washington are itching to dress up as a spider dog, whatever that is. And the majority of people in three separate states, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Maryland are planning to dress up as…wait for it…bananas.

So what do you think is most popular in your hometown? Could it be classic zombie costumes, which are the most searched get-up in three states? Or maybe your neighbors are more likely to dress up as their favorite film characters, like Katniss Everdeen, whose likeness will be overwhelming four different states across the country this Friday. Check out the full list of the most googled Halloween costumes per state below, and find the map version here.

Alabama : Minnie Mouse Costume

Alaska : Pirate Costume

Arizona : Wolverine Costume

Arkansas: Cheerleader Costume

California: Alice In Wonderland Costume

Colorado: Medusa Costume

Connecticut: Banana Costume

Delaware : Information Not Provided

Florida: Deadpool Costume

Georgia : Katniss Everdeen Costume

Hawaii: Minnie Mouse Costume

Idaho: Star Wars Costume

Illinois: Catwoman Costume

Indiana: Doctor Costume

Iowa: Minion Costume

Kansas: Minion Costume

Kentucky: Zombie Costume

Louisiana: Mickey Mouse Costume

Maine : Pirate Costume

Maryland: Banana Costume

Massachusetts : Katniss Everdeen Costume

Michigan : Katniss Everdeen Costume

Minnesota: Banana Costume

Mississippi : Lion Costume

Missouri: Black Widow Costume

Montana: Football Player Costume

Nebraska : Star Wars Costume

Nevada: Joker Costume

New Hampshire : Cat Costume

New Jersey : Elsa Costume

New Mexico : Zombie Costume

New York: Catwoman Costume

North Carolina : Black Widow Costume

North Dakota : Care Bear Costume

Ohio: Katniss Everdeen Costume

Oklahoma: Batman Costume

Oregon : Zombie Costume

Pennsylvania : Slender Man Costume

Rhode Island : Cat Costume

South Carolina: Harley Quinn Costume

South Dakota: Pirate Costume

Tennessee : Batman Costume

Texas : Black Widow Costume

Utah : Captain America Costume

Vermont : Cow Costume

Virginia: Anna Costume

Washington : Dog Spider Costume

West Virginia: Batman Costume

Wisconsin : Black Widow Costume

Wyoming: Dog Costume

So there you have it. Are you going to match the masses in your state this year?

Images: Flickr/lobo235, giphy (50)