Check Out JT in this 'Runner Runner' Trailer

"Everyone gambles," Justin Timberlake's narration opens the latest trailer for Runner Runner . "If you're risking something, you're gambling. And if you're gambling, then Block's the guy you wanna see." Block—Ivan Block—is Ben "Soon to Be Batfleck" Affleck. He's the smooth and experienced gambling con man to Timberlake's the newbie Princeton grad ingenue. They're partnering up, but this is a thriller, so the proverbial sh** hits the fan pretty immediately.

The film was directed by Lincoln Lawyer driector Brad Furman and written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien (Ocean's Thirteen, and apparently National Treasure 3). It stars Affleck, Timberlake, and Gemma Arterton, and comes out in theaters October 4. Affleck's Block doesn't seem nearly as noble as Batman.

“If your boss says you gotta go out there and take a beating,” Affleck's Block shouts at Timberlake's Richie later in the trailer, “Take it and then say, ‘Do you need me to take it again?’”

It sounds like a pretty stressful job; if the trailer's any indication, if you get involved with gambling con men your life will be all yachts and booty—and then quickly take a dive into bodies dumped in large bodies of water and kidnapped paternal figures.