She Has an Idea How 'Parks & Rec' Will End

It's hard to believe, but come spring, fans of Parks and Recreation will have to say goodbye to their favorite citizens of Pawnee. Not that they are being reabsorbed into Eagleton or something truly unspeakable like that... but the series is coming to a close in its upcoming seventh season. When we last saw Leslie Knope and her cast of loyal co-workers and friends, she was up for a big national parks job that would have her relocate to Chicago. She was also a mother of triplets. Amy Poehler, who plays the show's feminist, hilarious lead, stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman Monday night to promote her new book Yes, Please. In the interview she fantasized about how Parks and Rec would end — with a big shocker where Leslie tells everyone what she thinks of them, shows the set to the camera, then torches the place.

As badass as that sounds, we kind of already know where the folks of Pawnee are headed. Rather than making Season 7 all about Leslie's pregnancy, the writers pulled a fast one over viewers and in the final moments of the finale: We saw a time jump into the future where Leslie was in charge of a big federal office where she and Ben were rushing to some important event, the kids were about kindergarten aged, and we only saw a few familiar faces in the new job.

There's still plenty to be revealed, but however it ends, we know the writers will give the much-deserved happily ever afters to the show's lovable band of total weirdos. Along with Poehler's imagined Leslie-shattering moment, here's how the folks of the Parks and Rec department should end up. But first, Poehler on the upcoming final season:

Leslie Knope

Just like the end of Season 6, Season 7 leaps into the future. We see a montage of Leslie with her kids — leading their school's debate club, taking them on camping trips with Ron — then to her inevitable retirement where she sees a waffle at JJ's named after her. Or she's President of the United States and Joe Biden returns as VP. Either way works for me.

April Ludgate & Andy Dwyer

Combining April's love of animals and Andy's successful kids' party musical career, they open a daycare for both dogs and kids. Take a guess which section Orin will work for...

Ben Wyatt

The Cones of Dunshire becomes a massive success. So much so it is optioned into a film and Ben tours the world visiting various Comic Cons promoting its release.

Ron Swanson

His son's first words are about his distrust of the federal government.

Tom Haverford

He finally becomes business partners with Snoop Dogg.

Donna Meagle

Retired by the age of 40 and moonlights as a featured content specialist for Bloosh.

Jerry Gergich

Nothing really changes because Jerry/Gary/Larry already has a perfect life.

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