Genius Way To Get A Stuck Ring Off Your Finger

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it – or, more to the point, a ring that actually fits on your finger, because the consequences of wearing a too-small ring look incredibly painful. Just in case you ever find yourself in an unexpected ring-related snafu, make sure you save this instructional video that shows how to remove a ring that has become stuck on your finger, because it make save you a lot of agony and an inconvenient trip to the ER. Not to mention plenty of unwarranted "Single Ladies" jokes.

My first thought when I watched this video was that it would involve butter, because in my experience butter has solved most of my problems. Surprisingly, though, the man who saves the day uses thin string and a tiny pair of pliers. Once he uses the tiny pliers to shove a piece of the string under the ring, he starts carefully twining the string tightly around the swollen part of the finger. I thought maybe after that the ring would just slide over the string, but it gets fancier than that: once the finger is somewhat mummified, he pulls the back end of the string that is still under the ring and as he unravels it, the ring miraculously pops off (and not a moment too soon, because it was starting to look a little gruesome).

I can think of several moments in your life when it might be handy to know this. One is the obvious situation where you ill-advisedly jam a ring on that doesn't fit. Hell, if Andrew Garfield asked me to marry him, I'd jam a ring the width of a ballpoint pen on my finger if it meant getting down the aisle faster. But aside from that, there are plenty of conditions that can cause your fingers to unexpectedly swell, including infection, a bone break, and even pregnancy. There are some moments where the sanctity of marriage and wedding bands gets thrown out the window, and hopefully that moment comes before your finger turns as purple as this one:

Image: Getty Images