Emma Watson Covers 'ELLE' UK Feminist Issue — Here Are 5 Ways To Recreate Her Beachy Waves This Winter

Whenever Emma Watson does something, we all tend to take notice. And as a refreshing change from most attention-grabbers in Hollywood, this is often because Watson manages to be the epitome of what it means to be a successful woman — she's smart, talented, supportive of other women and all-around charming just because she's herself. Now, Emma Watson is on the cover of ELLE UK 's Femnist Issue, following her empowering "HeForShe" speech at the UN.

Now that Watson is a UN Goodwill Ambassador (no big deal), she is becoming a positive role model for young women everywhere. When you combine Watson's Harry Potter fame with her new-found success, it kind of makes sense that she's going to pop up on a magazine cover or two. Oh, and did I mention that her tousled, natural beauty look is a new type of flawless we don't often see on Watson?

So if you're sitting at home wondering if you can be a voice for gender equality and feminism, a UN ambassador, a successful actor, and rock beachy waves in the middle of fall all the same time, the answer is apparently yes. OK, so maybe the whole UN Goodwill Ambassador may not be the easiest accomplishment for us all to achieve, but beachy waves and, more importantly, being an active voice for gender equality in our own social circles? Well, that we can do. So as inspired by Emma Watson's Elle UK cover hair, here are 11 ways to achieve beachy waves in the cooler months.

1. "Effortless" Waves — Minimal Heat

I personally take notice to any hair tutorial that claims to require zero effort. While you may have to put forth some effort to get this look, it also uses minimal heat, which is beneficial for your hair.

2. "Just Woke Up" Waves — No Heat

Speaking of heat — it's really not good for your hair at all. A little is ok, but if there's an option that gives you a tousled, Emma Watson-like hairstyle without hurting your hair at all, it's at least worth a try.

3. More Sculpted Waves — Heat

These waves are a little less "just woke up" and a little more "Ok, I spent some time on this," but hey, maybe that's what you're going for. Either way, it's cute.

4. Flat Iron Waves — Heat

I've never quite understood the whole flat iron waves thing (my beauty skills only go so far), but if you have an flat iron at home instead of a curling iron or wand, this tutorial might be for you.

5. Overnight Waves — No Heat

I honestly am still trying to figure out how a simple braid/bun combination over night can result in curls that are that amazing, but I am impressed. And will be trying it myself soon.