Hermès Debuts $1,000 Pen, So I Guess We Know What North West's First Writing Materials Will Look Like

Bad news, Bic devotees — there's a new pen sheriff in town. That's right, luxury brand Hermès is debuting a $1,000 pen that is bound to put those 20-packs of plastic writing utensils you buy in bulk from Staples to shame. Looks like we know what North West's future school supply shopping list will include.

According to Town & Country, the Nautilus pen was created for Hermès by Australian designer Marc Newson, who has been working on the project since 2009. A pen that's been five years in the making has got to be pretty fantastic, right? Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director of Hermès, told the magazine that he was inspired by a pen from the Japanese brand Pilot that his father, Jean-Louis Dumas, carried with him all the time.

The Nautilus is no ordinary pen. It's made from "aluminum and stainless steel, with a rhodium-plated white gold nib, the fountain pen is available in six nib widths," according to WWD. That explains the price tag — $1,355 for the rollerball version and $1,640 for the fountain pen. Ink cartridges come in traditional black and blue, as well as red, ebony and blood orange. Newson told Town & Country, "Designing this pen was no simpler or more complicated than conceiving the inside of an airplane." Well, damn! This sounds like one luxurious pen.

I can't imagine many normals hopping on the expensive pen train, but, as I said earlier, I'm sure Kimye will be all about getting this for North West. How else will she be the coolest girl in pre-school?

Image: Hermès