This Gender Flipped "Blurred Lines" Parody was Temporarily Removed for Being "Inapproprate." Okay.

Are you sick to death of “Blurred Lines” yet? Yeah, us too. And so were a group of law students at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, prompting them to make a brilliant parody video featuring fully dressed women and scantily clad men and re-written lyrics. And they call it: “Defined Lines.” Perfect.

Though it turns out not everybody thought so. The video was removed by YouTube on Monday after being flagged for “inappropriate content.” Which of course makes perfect sense because so was Robin Thicke’s original video involving topless — oh wait, no, that didn’t happen.

The video is back up after the creators appealed, but the message is still clear: lyrics about blurring the lines between consent and rape are fine, but gender flipping and telling men that “if you wanna get nasty/ just don't harass me” is inappropriate.

As co-creator Olivia Lubbock told The Independent, "It's just funny that the response has been so negative when you flip it around and objectify males.” It is, in fact, the same double standard the video is protesting. They even come right out and say “I apologise if you think my lines are crass/ tell me how it feels to get verbally harassed.” Well if the take down is any indication, it doesn’t feel very good. Who’d have thought?

But thankfully, the video is back up and as of this writing has more than 1,160,000 views, and continues to tell the world that “What you see on tv/ doesn't speak equality / it's straight up misogyny.”

Take note, Robin Thicke; THIS is what a feminist movement looks like:

Auckland Law Revue on YouTube

Image: "Defined Lines"