If 'Parks & Rec' Characters Were Mall Stores, Because We Should All Embrace The Treat 'Yo Self Lifestyle

It’s a pretty rough time for all of us Parks & Rec fans. While everyone else in binge watching Scandal or live-tweeting The Voice, we’re sitting here waiting… and waiting… until 2015. SIGH. Fall television season isn’t as exciting without Ron and Leslie. Sure, there are some ways to heal this wounding pain, but it will never be the same.

Sure, Pawnee may not be the most glamorous town in America (I SWEAR I’m not an Eagletonian), but we’ve still seen quite a few icon fashion moments from our favorite characters. Remember Leslie’s newspaper wedding dress when she had her impromptu but totally adorable wedding with Ben? Or when Ron got his chair featured in Bloosh, but didn’t care at all? And when Jerry… wait… nevermind.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Parks & Rec is that each character has their own unique personality. A bit odd — but their own, nonetheless. Ron’s manly demeanor and Donna’s glam lifestyle are kind of like retail stores: They may not please everyone, but they still know their role. It’s a niche thing, I guess.

Here’s a mall doppelganger for each member of the Pawnee gang. Because maybe — just maybe — Pawnee will open its own shopping center this season.

1. Leslie Knope = Bath & Body Works

They're insanely organized. They rush to put their fall lotions out in August (total Leslie move, right?) AND they have body sprays in pretty much every food flavor imaginable... except waffles.

2. Ann Perkins = Banana Republic

Clean. Simple. Put together. There when you need it. MAYBE Banana will lend Bath & Body Works a hand if they're ever having a crisis.

3. Tom Haverford & Donna Meagle = Dior... Or Basically Any Other Luxury Store

Because "treat 'yo self" isn't a saying, it's a way of life.

4. Ron Swanson = Lowe's (Duh)

Hahahaha… why would Ron be ANY sort of clothing store?

5. Chris Traeger = Lululemon For Sure

Because, you know, fitness and stuff. And he's really, really good looking.

6. April Ludgate = Urban Outfitters

A bit odd. A bit unexpected. But surprisingly stylish and lovable.

7. Um... Jerry Couldn't Get To The Mall. He's Stuck In The Parking Lot

Dammit, Jerry!

Images: jeepersmedia/Flickr, NBC (7), Getty (6)