"What Would Yeezus Wear" Instagram Account Imitates Kim And Kanye Outfits, Is Totally Amazing

You know when something totally and completely awesome/bizarre comes along and for a split-second you have to think, "Wait, how did that idea cross their minds?" Think Snuggies and the entire Honey Boo-Boo Series and Fruit Roll-Ups; it really, really doesn't make sense how someone would come up with the idea and just go with it, but then you realize just how completely, totally wonderful it is, and all those "but, why?" questions disappear. Next up in that mind-blowing category: The "What Would Yeezus Wear" Instagram account has arrived, and it features two friends dressing as Kim, Kanye, and North. And it's fantastic.

Was this a Halloween costume that just got out of control? Do these girls just like a totally fabulous challenge? It's hard to tell, but the fact of the matter is that they both do a very, very, scarily good job at dressing like Kimye and company, "I'm too rich to be here" expressions and all. The Instagram photos also present another idea (other than that I now have to find them and make them be my BFFs): Surprise! It's possible to dress just like Kim and Kanye and still be, you know, just a mere mortal. Somewhere Kanye is probably staring at himself in the mirror, pondering the Instagram account and whispering, "They could never be as a good as you," to his reflection.

Here are some of the best looks from the "What Would Yeezus Wear" account. Prepare to be impressed.

Image: What Would Yeezus Wear/Instagram