Will You Get Your Very Own North West On 'KK: H'?

First comes love, then comes elaborate wedding in Florence, and then... babies? Yes, I'm still one of the many iPhone users that are still playing the Kardashian game — even though I got incredibly close to quitting when my avatar took forever to get married on Kim Kardashian: Hollywood . (She just got married earlier this week, by the way.) And now that I'm cruising through the KK: H honeymoon phase, I'm optimistic and fearful that I'll never be able to quit. Because, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood might add babies in one of its next updates and who doesn't want their own animated version of North West?

According to whispers, KK: H's resident gossip hound, Ray Powers might be hinting that KK: H is adding an option to start a family of your very own with your significant other (geographical name not included). Bustle editor and KK: H player Sam Rullo, received a message in her feed on the Kardashian game that read that she and her new spouse were the "couple of the year" and speculated that NEXT YEAR, they might be "parents of the year." (I have yet to receive this message, as I've only been married for, like, a minute.)

Now, I'm under no delusion that it'll be easy to secure a child on KK: H — I mean, it took me a damn long time to even get my significant other to propose AND before we could get married, I had to dispel two rounds of cheating rumors. (Total BS.) And, considering the Kardashian game is supposed to give fans a glimpse into the struggles of Kim Kardashian's fame, I'm entirely sure that being pregnant on KK: H will make you feel some serious sympathy for Kim. Ugh. So, what will having a baby be like on KK: H — here are some predictions:

  • You'll have to face the media. Just think about what being the hottest couple of the year and having a baby will be like for Ray Powers on KK: H. He gets excited about you buying a new dress and getting a marriage license, he's going to go totally apeshit on the news that you're expecting and/or getting all Angelina Jolie and adopting.
  • Willow Pape will raise hell. Remember how hard it was for Kim during her pregnancy with the tabloids making wildly insensitive comments about her weight? I'd be willing to bet 100 K-stars that Willow Pape and perhaps Chad Dylan Parker and Crystal Fletcher will be super insensitive to your pregnancy weight gain.
  • You'll have to relive the Met Ball couch-dress. Dear god, I still have nightmares about that whole floral Givenchy dress situation. And, well, it was huge point for Kim of both shame and recognition, KK: H will absolutely include it.
  • You'll face #eyebrowgate. This will probably be another one of Willow's nasty comments because your baby has a better eyebrow game than she does. And then you'll lose thousands of fans because everyone will be convinced that you're so vain that you're plucking your infants brows. Ugh.
  • Geographical baby names will be required. I mean, duh. The name North West has actually started to grow on me, Kim clearly knows something we don't. But, again, everyone in the entire world will judge your decision to give your child a unique baby name. #sorrynotsorry

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood