Kate Moss Dressed Like a Kooky Old Lady in PJs

Pajama dressing has been in for awhile now and celebs are embracing the look in full force. Obviously Rihanna is the poster girl for the particular trend, but another star gave her a run for her money recently. Kate Moss sported a silk polka dot suit fit for a kooky aging Hollywood starlet (I'm thinking Sunset Boulevard but more endearing) and, naturally, she made the unconventional ensemble work. She is Kate Moss, after all.

The supermodel sported a pair of voluminous pale pink and white pants and a matching oversized jacket to the premiere party for A String of Naked Lightbulbs on Tuesday night, where she acted as a guest DJ (how is she still so cool????). She paired the ensemble with a conservative black turtleneck that she later swapped for a plunging leopard print tank, chandelier earrings, a black clutch, and a fabulously oversized feather boa. Can you say glaaam?

Moss's ensemble is definitely kind of bizarre, and I'm fairly confident no one but her could effectively pull it off, but I give her serious props for continuing to make unexpected fashion choices. Wearing silky PJs fit for a crazy old lady to a hip event is just about the most rock 'n roll sartorial statement I can think of. Since party dresses are supposedly on their way out, perhaps we should take a page from her book!